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  The following are genealogical gleanings from my Grandmothers
  diary from 1902 - Caroline VanSinderen Wyckoff, age 18,
  daughter of Elizabeth Elmira DeBevoise and Abraham A. Wyckoff,
  lived at 22 Canal St., Jamaica, L.I., N.Y.  'Grandma' refers to
  Catalina Lott (VanSinderen) Wyckoff, wife of Williamson Wyckoff.
  The "d" on some entries is how she kept track of when Pa was drunk.
  Sizes:  Hosiery: 10  Gloves: 6 1/2  Collar: 12 1/2  Shoes: 7
          Shirt: 42 in. 
  Wed 2/19  Clear & cold. Stopped to Miss Wyckoff's, not home, had
            left word to take lesson tomorrow 1/2 after ten. Left 12
            for piano lesson, Miss VanBrunt not there, ill, rec.
            letter at night. Seven o' Pa & I went to Mr. Pierson's
            funeral, not so many there, all in black, lovely flowers.            
  Fri 3/14  Clear & pleasant. Worked in morn. Practiced 2 hrs. At 2 o'
            went to High School. Had candy sale & dance, then Sadie
            & I went to 13th d. lesson. Frank Linington sent two
            views of Wyckoff Homestead & 1 of VanSinderen.
            (I have these photos with note - RLB)            
  Mon 3/31  Clear & nice. 33rd music lesson. Mr. Hulst's funeral today
            from Maggie's house. Ma went to Aunt Annie's, Uncle John
            very sick with acute indigestion. Miss Wyckoff called to
            see if Piano needed tuning.            
  Thu 5/1   Beautiful day. Grandma & I left on 9 o' rapid for Bkyn.
            Pa did not want her to go, thought was too much for her.
            Got suit, hat, skirt & 2 waists. Home 7 o'. Miss Wyckoff
            called yesterday. Margaret Crevey & Mabel King called
            today, said Jennie Carpenter was dead.            
  Sun 5/4   Beautiful day. Grandma, Ma & I went to church, good attendence
            All out to S.S. 1/2 after 3 o' held funeral services of
            Jennie Carpenter, crowded in church, beautiful flowers.
            Had been to hospital for operation, out to church 4 wks
            before. I went to church in eve & C.E., Mr. Statsir lead.
            Pa went to Rockaway after funeral.            
  Thu 5/8   Beautiful. Washday. Went to Normal, Lillie Remsen took me
            thro' school. Went to High School, saw Willetta a minute,
            school just out, 1/2 after 2. Stopped to dentist's for
            appointment. Ma & I went to Ella DeBevoise to see baby,
            1 month old Mon. Practiced 2 hrs.