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New Year 1873
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Annulet Club
Sociable of the Annulet Social Club.
Dec. 17, 1873. L & A DeBeVoise
Nostrand, Frank
Nostrand, Mary
Golder, Abe
Hendrickson, Libbie
Henderson, David
Remsen, Frances
Young, Charlie
Nostrand, Mary
Young, Lin.
Nostrand, Kate
Bergen, John J. - Richmond Hill, L.I.
Schenck, Sarah - East New York, L.I.
Powell, Whit.
Bergen, Carrie
Nostrand, Henry
Fowler, Mary
Ketcham, Oakley
Lott, Kate
Lott, Noby
Lott, Jerry - New Utrecht
Spedding, Mary
Burtis, Foster
DeBeVoise, M. E.
Conselyea, J.
Henry, Kate
Napier, Tom
Eldert, John
Gaesley, Mr.
Ring, Miss
Conselyea, Will
Kolyer, Libbie - 734 Bushwick Ave.
Covert, Frank
Jacobson, Anna
Covert, Charlie
Covert, Lizzie
Bennett, Charlie
Bennett, Alice
Hirst, Sam.
Henderson, Mary
Colton, Sam.
Husson, Phenie
Gale, Ella
Remsen, Peter
Remsen, Miss
Voris, J.
Voris, Miss
Bergen, Ben.
Powell, M. A.
Voris, Will
Voris, Miss
Amberman, Thed.
Lott, Etta
Remsen, J.
Gracy, Libbie
Gracy, Ruth
Higbie, Will
Hirst, Georgieanna
Hirst, Mattie
Hirst, Charlie
Higbie, George
Clemison, Alice
DeBeVoise, Charlie
Powell, Ella
Lott, Frank
Nichols, Hen.
Doughty, George
Hendrickson, Frank
Smith, Ellie
Bergen, Mary
Bergen, Addie
McKee, Delia
Lott, Carrie
Gulick, Gertie
DeBeVoise, Lizzie A.
Kolyer, Annie
Lott, Ritie
DeBeVoise, Hester
Remsen, George
Baylis, W.
Higbie, Mr.
Remsen, Mr.
Remsen, Miss
Mills, Charlie
Henry, V.
Nostrand, George