Brooklyn Eagle
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In 1946, the popular and somewhat local newspaper, the Brooklyn Eagle, printed a series of Sunday supplements chronicling the history of each of the original six towns of Brooklyn.  They also published versions of those articles as six separate pamphlets bundled together as boxed sets titled 'Historic Brooklyn'.  These were printed in enough quantity to be distributed to all the public and parochial schools in Brooklyn.  These are not high quality publications.  They are on rather flimsy, inexpensive paper with somewhat poor alignment of the cutting of the pages.

Somehow, I do happen to have a complete set, and have scanned them into the computer for your viewing pleasure.  There is a lot of information contained in these booklets as well as many old photographs, including several of the old family homes.  With most of the old house photos, I rescanned just the photo at a greater resolution that shows up a little more detail.

Just click on the covers to view the complete pamphlets.  ENJOY!