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All of the following is from various newspaper clippings, many with no date indicated.  (sigh)  Yet there is a LOT of info in here, especially addresses.

Rather than reading all this online, here you can download
a compressed version:

Clippings from various newspapers.
Janet Bragaw, 102, Dies After Short Illness at Niece's Jamaica Home
Mrs. Janet Bragaw, 102. died today at the home of her niece, Mrs.
Ella J. Bragaw, 838 Willet street, Jamaica. She had been active until
a few days ago, when she began to decline, her husband, Richard
Bragaw, died 32 years ago. She is survived by her niece, one
daughter, Mrs. Margaret Meeks, and a sister, Mrs. William
Schoonmacher. Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon in the
home of her niece. Burial will be in GreenWood Cemetery.
Mrs. Bragaw was a daughter of the late William Gosman, one of the
earliest settlers in New-town section of Queens. Several streets in
Queens bear the names of members of the Gosman family.

CLIPPING - No date
Abraham DeBevoise, one of the oldest residents of this borough, and
a member of one of the most prominent local families died Saturday at
his residence 376 Halsey Street. The funeral services will be held
this evening and the interment to-morrow will be at Greenwood
Cemetery  Mr. DeBevoise fifteen years ago retired from the general
managership of the Tirrell Manufacturing Company He was born on his
father's farm at Bedford Four Corners, now a part of the Bedford
section, eighty seven years ago, and was the son of James DeBevoise
and Ann Vandervoort. He was a nephew of Joseph Sprague, who was a
President of the village of Brooklyn and for two...
EULOGY - 7/22/1878
John A. Lott
Very long article about funeral of Judge John A. Lott of Flatbush.
Born 2/11/1806 - Died 7/20/1878
Mentions widow Catherine, sons Abraham, John Z., and E.L. Lott;
daughter, wife of Rev. C.L. Wells, and daughter, wife of  Mr.
Burial at Greenwood Cemetery, family plot at Sassafras & Grape
ARTICLE 7/15/1883
Brooklyn Daily Eagle 
John A. Lott
Long article on the career of John A. Lott.
'only son of Abraham and Maria Lott of Flatbush'.
'married his cousin, daughter of Jeremiah Lott'
OBITUARIES - no date
Franklin Woodruff
Several clippings regarding funeral of Franklin Woodruff at his home,
106 Remsen St., Brooklyn, burial at Greenwood Cemetery.
Many prominent people, including relative Lieut. Governor Timothy L.
OBITUARY - no date  [1942]
Mrs. E. E. Wyckoff, Active in Church
Funeral services for Mrs. Elizabeth E. Wyckoff, 88, who died Monday
In her home, 88-02 166th St., Jamaica, will be held at 2:30 p.m.
tomorrow at the Fairchild Chapel, 89-31 164th St., Jamaica. The Rev.
Dr. Robert A. Watson, pastor of the Jamaica Dutch Reformed Church,
will officiate. Burial will be in Maple Grove Cemtery
Mrs. Wyckoff was born in Brooklyn, a daughter of the late Jane Ann
Stockholm and Charles J. De Bevoise, old-time residents of Bushwick.
She lived in the home she had built in Jamaica for the last 37 years
and was a member of the Jamaica Dutch Reformed Church  and its
missionary society.
Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Caroline Van Sinderen Bergen; two
grandchildren, Anna L. and John L. Bergen, and two sisters. Mrs.
LeRoy D. Robinson and Mrs. Irving J. Blair.
OBITUARY - No date
Member of Old Long Island Family Was Widow Of Hicksville Farmer-
Services Tomorrow
Special to the Brooklyn Eagle
Garden City, March 27-Mrs. Mary Alice Bergen, 88, mother of two
Nassau County bank presidents and a member of an old Long Island
family, died yesterday of pneumonia at the home of her son, John 0.
Bergen of 116 11th St. here.
Mrs. Bergen was the widow of Cornelius R. Bergen Sr who formerly
operated a large farm
in Hicksville At one time she lived In Floral Park, but since the
death of her husband in 1923 had made her home here with John, who is
president of the Nassau County Trust Company of Mineola.
Mrs. Bergen was born in Jamaica. She also is survived by another
son. Cornelius R. Bergen Jr., of this village, who is president of
the Roslyn Savings Bank, and three grandchildren.
The funeral services will be held at the home here at 2:30 p.m.
tomorrow and interment will be in Greenfield Cemetery, Hempstead.
Large Amounts to Be Held In Trust
for Son and Daughter Until
They Are 45 Years Old.
JAMAICA. Feb. 24. The will of Tunis J. Bergen, late of Flushing,
disposing of an estate the value of which is not mentioned, was filed
for probate yesterday with Surrogate Daniel Noble Mr. Bergen died on
January 6 last.
The will directs the executors, Cornelius B. Parker and Walter
Jones, of Brooklyn. to take all the property in trust. After
converting the property to money they are to divide it into three
equal shares. One-half of one half is to go to the testator's
daughter, Sarah Jane Park, while the remainder of the share is to
remain in trust and be invested. The income from it is to be paid to the
daughter until she attains the age of 45 years In case she should die
before reaching that age the property held in trust for her is to go
to the testator's wife and son, share and share alike.
The sum of $1,000 from another of the shares is to go to the
testator's son John Bergen. The balance of the share is to be held In
trust and invested by the executors. The son is to receive the income
and interest until he is 45 years old or his wife dies, when, in
either event, he Is to receive the principal. If he should die before
reaching the age specified the property is to go to his children or,
if there are none, to the testator's wife and daughter. If both are
dead, as well as the son's wife, the share is to go to the Flushing Hospital.
The third share is left outright to the widow of the testator.
CLIPPING - No date
John L. Bergen, Jr. Receives
Memento from 'Tradewind'
John L. Bergen, Jr., son of John L.
 Bergen. one of Jamaica's oldest set- 
tlers, has a remembrance of the 
Queens to Paris trans-oceanic plane 
flight attempted by Mrs. Beryl Hart 
and Capt. William S. McClaren, who 
it is believed fell into the Atlantic 
Ocean with their plane 'Tradewind" 
somewhere between Bermuda and the 
Azores Island.	
A postcard, bearing a picture of the 
 "Tradewind" and an Inscription on the 
first trans-atlantic commercial air- 
plane flight, mailed from Hamilton, 
Bermuda, where the two fliers stopped
after the first leg of their flight, was 
received by Mr. Bergen today.
 The card, postdated January 8 
bears the following message:
'First stage made-more difficult 
than expected-series of unfortunate 
accidents-next jump our biggest 
task-last stage, Azores to Paris will
be easy".
But Mrs. Hart and Capt. McLaren 
never reached the Azores from Ber-
muda and the search for the two 
brave fliers and their plane is still on.
(I have this postcard. RLB)
OBITUARY - 9/27/1939 (Brooklyn Eagle)
John Bergen Dies, Active Churchman
Insurance Broker
Was a Descendant Of Holland Family
John Bergen 69. a member of one of Brooklyn's old Holland Dutch
families and long prominent in the  affairs of the Reformed Church 
here died last night after a brief
illness of pneumonia at his home. 379 Washington Ave.
Mr Bergen was an elder in the  Flatlands Dutch Reformed Church
and recently celebrated his 50th anniversary as a member of that church.
He also was past president   
of the South Classis of Long Island of the Reformed Church and the
Men's Classical Union of the South  He was a member of the Board of
directors of the Brooklyn Church and Mission Federation.
His other memberships included the Holland Society of New York, the
St. Nicholas Society of Nassau
the Insurance Society of New York and the Kings County Historical
Mr. Bergen was born in Brooklyn
son of  the late Garret S. Bergen and Mary Catherine Eldert. His
mother also was a member of an old Holland Dutch family. He was
active in the insurance business for 49 years and had a brokerage of
office at 150 Nassau St., Manhattan. Until five years ago he had been
associated for many years with the Royal Insurance Company.
Mr. Bergen was the husband of the late Annie L. Vanderveer
Bergen and is survived by a son, Reginald V. Bergen, and three
grandchildren, John Vanderveer Bergen, Geraldine Marcia Bergen and
Patricia Janice Stratton. Services will be held at 8 p.m. tomorrow in
the Fairchild Chapel, 86 Lefferts Place, with the Rev. Dr. Charles
William Roeder, pastor of Flatlands Church, officiating.
Burial will be in Green-Wood Cemetery.
Succumbs at 69
CLIPPING - No date
A Very pleasant social event occurred at the spacious and hospitable
home of Mr. David Springsteen, on Tuesday evening. His new and
handsome residence on Hoffman Boulevard. was thrown open to a large
number of invited guests from New York, Brooklyn, Jamaica and
Newtown. The occasion was the baptism of the young daughter of the
host and hostess, and also that of the son of Mr. and Mrs. John II.
Vanderveer. At the same time were presented the daughter and son of
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Couch, of Brooklyn, the children being a niece and
nephew of Mrs. Springsteen. The former ceremony was performed by the
Rev. C. K. Clearwater. of the Reformed Church, of Newtown, the pastor
of Mr. Springsteen and Mr. Vanderveer, while the latter was performed
by the Rev. Mr. Couch, of the M. E. Church, Man
-hattan the grandfather of the candidates.
CLIPPING - No date
Personal property valued at $30,000 is put into a trust fund and the
income directed to go to the brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces of
 Abraham DeBevoise who died at
 Annadale Park, Elmhurst on Dec.
 22, 1924, and whose will has just  been filed for probate with
Surrogate Daniel Noble of Queens. The  will is dated April 1, 1921,
and  names the United States Title Guaranty Company as executor of
the  estate.
The will directs that the TItle Company shall invest the money and
divide the income equally among
Frederick J. DeBevoise. a brother, of Glen Head L. I. and the
sisters, Cornelia G. Vandeveer of 420 Marlowe ave., Forest Hills and
Marietta Hayden of Glen Head. it directs that upon the death of each
one of these three the share of that person is to be divided among
the children of the sisters, Gertrude L'Hommedieu of Manhattan, and
Cornelia Vandeveer.	.
CLIPPING - No date
No reason Given for the Long delay in putting the Document on Record.
An unrecorded deed made by Martin Schenck and others one hundred and
twenty-five years ago in favor of Joris Martensen and others was
filed yesterday in the County Clerk's office. The deed is on
parchment about twenty inches square and is neatly written.
It says:
The indenture between Martin
Schenck and wife, Sarah; Ulpianus Van
Sinderen, yeoman, and Phoebe Van
Sinderen of Flatlands and others, for a
consideration of 2,300 pounds current money of New York, paid to them in
hand by Joris Martensen the receipt  which they do each confess and
acknowledge and therewith are fully and entirely satisfied they, the
above mentioned legatees have granted, bargained and sold and by
their precepts do sell and confirm to him the said Joris Martensen,
the property described.
No reason is assigned for the failure to file the deed after its
execution a century and a quarter ago.
OBITUARY - no date - Mrs. Anna Bergen. 
Mrs. Anna Bergen, widow of John L. Bergen and a member of an old
pioneer family of the Flatlands section, died Friday at her
residence, 626 East Twenty-first street, in her seventy-sixth year.
Mrs. Bergen is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lott. who owned an
extensive farm in the vicinity of what is now Kings Highway and
Nostrand avenue. Mrs. Bergen was born in the family homestead on the
farm and obtained her education at a young women's seminary at
Stamford, Conn. Upon her return to Brooklyn she identified herself as
a member with the Flatlands Reformed Church and remained active in
its at-fairs until the time of her death. As a teacher in the Sunday
school and a member of the missionary society she also performed many
personal acts of kindness and charity that endeared her to so those
who knew her. She was also a member of the Kings County Historical
Society. Mrs. Bergen's husband was John L. Bergen, a real estate
dealer, who died in 1880. She is survived by three sons, Teunis J.,
Cornelius, and John L. Bergen.
CLIPPING - 4/25/1898
Suddenly, at Flatlands, LI, on April 5, George Lott, aged 71 years.
Elder of  Church at Flatlands.
OBITUARY - Dominicus Vanderveer - no date
Dominicus Vanderveer, an old and highly respected farmer of
Long Island, died on Friday of last week, at his residence in 
Woodhaven.  The remains were buried last Sunday in the cemetery
on the old Napier farm.
OBITUARY - John Vanderveer - (same clipping as above)
Mr. John Vanderveer, one of the oldest residents of Flatbush, and
a relative of the Vanderveer's in New Lots, died in his home on
Saturday last. The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon last.
OBITUARY - Annie M. Palmer - 4/9/1889
Aged 53 years, funeral at her residence, 319 1/2 Twelfth St., Bklyn.
OBITUARY - Sarah Linington - 4/9/1889
Widow of Peter Rapelje, aged 77 years, funeral at her residence, New
Lots Rd.
CLIPPING - 11/27/1927
'Henry D. Lott Weds Miss Janet Pitkin'
  Miss Janet Pitkin of 874 President St. was married very quietly
yesterday to Henry D. Lott in the apartment of her brother-in-law,
Dr. John O. Polak, at the Hotel Bossert, the Rev. Dr. John Barlow
of Memorial Presbyterian Church officiating.  The only persons
present besides Dr. Polak and his daughter, Miss Zorka Polak, niece
of the bride, were her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles D. Schenck, and the bridegroom's only brother and his wife
Mr. and Mrs. Erskine Howard Lott of Garden City, with whom Mr.
Lott has made his home for a number of years.
  The bride is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
Eugene Pitkin, her father having been President of the East New
York Shoe Manufacturing Co., with which he was connected for 30
years.  He was also president of the Clinton Bank of Manhatten,
the Loreda Bridge Company and the Pitkin, Holdsworth Worsted Co.,
of Passaic, N.J.
  Mr. Lott, who is an attorney, is the son of the late John Z. Lott.
Polak, Bertha L. (9/13/1924) Gross estate $1,173,506, net $1,060,724
To daughter Mary O. Polak, executrix, Hotel Bossart, $587,574;
mother, Jane Pitkin, and a sister, Lillian P. Schenck, each $671;
husband, Dr. John O. Polak, executor, Hotel Bossart, $511,867.
Then lists assets and stocks.
CLIPPING - no date
'Robert L. Bergen Will Wed Montclair Girl'
The marriage of Miss Alice D'Oench, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. F.
D'Oench of Alexander Ave., Montclair, N.J., to Robert Ludlum
Bergen, son of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Bergen, will take place
on May 5 at the Women's club of Upper Montclair, N.J.  The Rev.
George D. Hulst, pastor of the Heights Reformed Church, will
perform the ceremony at 4 p.m.
  Miss D'Oench is a graduate of Smith college, class of 1927.
Mr. Bergen was graduated from Williams college in 1925, and
is a member of the Williams club of New York.
OBITUARY - 3/20/1928
On 3/20/1928, Kittie Messerole Bergen, wife of Frank Wyckoff
Linington.  Service at her residence, 148 Arlington Ave.,
Brooklyn, Saturday at 2:30 p.m.
CLIPPING - no date
'Death of Mrs. Richard Van Siclen Deplored'
  The many friends of Mr. Richard Van Siclen and Mr. and Mrs.
Daniels, mother of Mrs. Van Siclen, are deeply grieved over
the demise of Mrs. Van Siclen, who was a member of one of the
oldest families on Long Island.
  Mrs. Van Siclen was ill for a few months, but everyone
hoped for her ultimate recovery.  The news of her death was
a decided shock to the community.  Mrs. Van Siclen is survived
by her husband Richard, her daughter, Muriel, and her mother
and father, Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.
CLIPPING - Helen Clark Bergen - 1912
Helen Clark, widow of Cornelius J. Bergen, and born in
State street, Manhattan ninety-five years ago, her father
being a Clark and her mother a Van Orden, both families
being prominent in early New York, and the owners of much
property in the lower part of the city, died yesterday at
her summer home, "Santapogue", Babylon, L.I.  Her death
was due to bronchial pneumonia, after a brief illness.
For years Mrs. Bergen was in the habit of taking a daily
drive in an open carriage, and kept the practice up till
the last.  "Santapogue" was an estate of 180 acres, extending
from the Merrick Road to the Great South Bay, and along its
shore for a mile and a half.  Her husband, who died eighteen
years ago, was an officer and director in the St. Paul
Railroad Company and was related to the late Jacob I.
Bergen of the Kings County Surrogate's office.  The family
resided for many years on First Place.  Mrs. Bergen was
the mother of the late James C. Bergen, long associated
with William N. Dykman, and with James Prendergast, who
lives on Joralem Street.  Mrs. Bergen is survived by a
sister, Emily S., aged 85 years, widow of Dr. Andrew
Otterson, and living at 97 Sixth Avenue; a grandniece,
Mrs. Emily O. Miller, of Sixth Avenue, and a grandnephew,
Andrew Otterson, a civil engineer, of Springfield, Mo.
Funeral services will take place tomorrow afternoon, at
4 o'clock, at Mrs. Bergen's late home, in Babylon, and
the burial will be in the family plot in Greenwood Cemetery.
CLIPPING - no date
VANDEVEER-LOTT  In Jamaica, on October 29, at the residence
of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Wm. H. DeHart, Peter L.
Vanderveer of New Lotts, to M. Etta, daughter of Hendrick Lott.
VAN SICLEN-DeBEVOISE  At the residence of the bride's parents,
Jamaica East, October 22d, by the Rev. Wm. H. DeHart, Martin
H. Van Siclen to Hester E. DeBevoise, daughter of Andrew
CLIPPING - no date
A wedding of unusual interest, uniting as it did two of the
oldest families of the island, took place last evening at the
residence of the bride's father, Charles Vanderveer Lott,
Jamaica Avenue, Union Terrace, L.I., when his daughter, Cornelia
Vanderveer, was married to Stephen Lott Rapelje.  The ceremony
was performed by the Rev. R. K. Wick, pastor of the Jamaica
Reformed Church, in the parlors of the Lott home, which were
beautifully decorated with palms, daises and pink roses.  The
bride, who was given away by her father, was gowned in white
crepe meteor, elaborately trimmed with duchesse lace, and wore
a diamond harvest moon, the gift of the groom.  Her bouquet
consisted of white roses and lilies of the valley.  She was
attended by her sister, Miss Phoebe J. Lott, as maid of honor,
wearing white silk net over white taffeta and carrying white
roses, and Miss Bessie DeBevoise of Hollis and Miss Sadie
Suydam of Jamaica, as bridesmaids, effectively gowned in white
silk mull, with shower bouquets of pink roses.  The groom was
attended by his brother, Charles V. Rapelje, as best man,
Charles V. Lott, jr., brother of the bride, and John W. Hegeman
of Brooklyn acting as ushers.  After the ceremony the happy
couple left for an extended tour of the South, and upon their
return will reside on Forest Parkway, Jamaica.
(Follows a lengthy list of guests.)
CLIPPING - no date
'MOSES S. Lott 50 Years in Banking At Time of Death'
Funeral arrangements are being planned for Moses Suydam Lott,
71, president and one of the founders of the Kingsborough
National Bank, who died unexpectedly yesterday morning of a
heart attack at his home, 20 Mackay Place.  He was a banker
for 50 years....  He was born in the old Town of New Utrecht,
the son of the late James and Phoebe Suydam Lott.  His father
was a farmer in the Bay Ridge section.... He is survived by
his wife, the former Elizabeth McKay, whom he married in 1891.
She is a member of an old Bay Ridge family.  Two daughters,
Mrs. John H. Duncan of New Haven, Conn., and Miss Elizabeth
Lott and three sons, James S., Edward M., and Frederick S.
Lott also survive him.

Elizabeth DeBevoise - obituary
In Bushwick, Brooklyn, February 17th, Elizabeth
DeBeVoise, aged 74 years... For fifty-three years
she had been a member of the Reformed church of
Bushwick... The home of her childhood and that
of her maturer years were but a short distance
separated, so in all her long experience she
knew but one church and one pastor... A husband
and nine children mourn her loss.
Mary DeBevoise - obituary
Died, at Borownville, in the city of Brooklyn,
on Tuesday, the 2nd inst., Mary, widow of
Gabriel DeBevoise, aged 87 years. She was truly
a mother in Israel. Remarkably intelligent,
uniformly kind and cheerful, she was beloved by
all who knew her... She united in full communion
with the Reformed Dutch of Bushwick more than
sixty years ago.
Article - 12/30/1922
It has become generally known that the old Van
Siclen farm in Jamaica, which consists of 155
acres, has been sold at $3,000 an acre to a Manhatten
Realty concern.
Article 7/4/1911
Mrs. LeRoy D. Robinson, of Jamaica, NY; Mrs. W.D. Lott,
of Union Corners, and Mrs. Charles J. Hulst, of New
Hamburg, spent yesterday in ths city. (at the Nelson
Article 12/30/1922
Miss Nellie DeBevoise, a former resident of Jamaica,
has moved into her new home at Bellerose, L.I.
Article 12/30/1922
Concerns will of Kate A. Bergen of 80 Union Hall St.
First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica - $500
Jamaica Hospital - $500
Prospect Cemetery - $150
Grandnephew Robert C. Bergen of Brooklyn - $500
Grandniece Dorothy E. Bergen of Brooklyn - $500
Balance (approx. $10,000) to two sisters
Mary S. Bergen and S. Adelaide Bergen both of
80 Union Hall St.
Article - Van Brunt Wyckoff
'Was Rich, Now A Pauper'
 Only a few years ago Van Brunt Wyckoff was wealthy
and lived in one of the finest houses at Bath Beach,
on a level socially and financially with other members
of the two prominent New Utrecht families whose names
he bears.
 But misfortune came in the form of unwise speculation
and Wyckoff lost every vestige of his valuable estate.
Penniless, he left the splendid home which had been his
pride and established his family in a humble little
cottage on Nineteenth, near Bath.
(On being evicted from this cottage, a wealthy woman
on Bay 18th St. took in the six children while he and
his wife are looking for a place to live,)
Article - no date
Family Heirlooms Disposed Of In Will Of Andrew Ditmas
... To his son, Charles A. Ditmas, president of the Kings
County Historical Society and retiring president of the
St. Nicholas Society... an "old painting of 'Abraham Offering
Up Isaac', once owned by the Rev. Martinus Schoonmaker,...
a "gold pin containing hair from my father, mother, and
brother and myself as children."
  A "sampler made by my grandmother, Gashe Bergen Lott",
and a "cameo pin with my picture as a child" are left to
his daughter, Mrs. Jennie G.D. Harrison.
  An old Dutch stein with the date 1697 upon it and the
old Dutch Testament of the Lott family are given to another
son, Holmes VanBrunt Ditmas.
  $2,500 to granddaughter, Margaret Ditmas Harrison, rest
of estate, more than $20,000, equally to three children.
  He was born in Flatlands, June 1, 1848, son of late
Charles Burr Ditmas and Jane Bergen Lott, and was
descended from Andrew Ward, a founder of Fairfield, Conn.
His father died when he was four years old and he was brought
up in the homestead of Johannes H. Lott and educated in
the old District School No. 1 and Erasmus Academy. He was
married on Oct. 1, 1874 to Margaret Ditmars VanBrunt, who
died in 1915. Mr. Ditmas died on March 23 last.
Mrs. Cornelia Wyckoff - obituary (no date)
Mrs. Cornelia Wyckoff, wife of William F. Wyckoff, died
last night at her home, 90 Herriman Avenue, Jamaica.
She was the daughter of Stephen L. and Serena Spader,
and was born in Jamaica.  For years she and her sister,
Mrs. John L. Wyckoff were soprano and contralto singers
in the (DRC) church choir.  She is survived by her husband
and a son, William Leroy Wyckoff, of East Orange, N.J.
She was a sister of John L. Spader.
Mrs. Maggie Newton Van Cott, (1880)
the well known widow evangelist, attained her fiftieth
birthday yesterday...
Golden Wedding
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Suydam, some guests were Warren R. Suydam,
Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Mott, Mr. & Mrs. John T. Suydam, Jr.,
Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Suydam, Miss Edna Suydam, Walter Suydam,
John T. Suydam, 3rd.
Ann Stockholm 2/1894 - obituary  (b. 1807)
At Jamaica, on the 1st inst., Ann widow of Andrew Stockholm,
in the 87th year of her age.  Funeral on Sat. at 2:00 p.m.,
from the residence of her son-in-law Charles J. DeBevoise,
Shelton Ave., Jamaica.
Catherine Covert - obituary  (no year)
On Sept. 23, at her home, Williston, L.I., Catherine J.,
wife of F. S. Covert in her 74th year.  Interment Westbury.
Jane Ann DeBevoise - obituary  (b. 1830)
On Tuesday, April 3, 1900, Jane A., widow of Charles J. DeBevoise,
in her 70th year.  Funeral at her late residence, 171 Shelton Ave.
Jamaica, N.Y.
Jane Ann DeBevoise - obituary (b. 1830)
Same as above -  adds she died from Bright's disease and
interment at Cypress Hills Cemetery.
Charles J. DeBevoise - obituary  (b. 1829)
On Tuesday, March 21, 1899, after a long illness.  Born in
Bushwick.  Died on farm at Hollis.  For several years he has
been employed in the County Clerk's Office as a copyist.
James DeBevoise - obituary  (b. 1801)
Aug. 16, 1887, died at his home, 894 Bushwick Ave., of old
age, in his 87th year.  Born in Newtown 6/21/1801, leaves
4 sons and 3 daughters.
Anna DeBevoise Suydam - obituary  (b. 1891)
On Saturday 11/5/1910, beloved daughter of John T. and Anna J.
(DeBevoise) Suydam, aged 19 years.  Funeral at late residence,
1248 Jamaica Ave., Woodhaven, L.I.
Anna DeBevoise Suydam - obituary  (b. 1891)
Same as above - adds died of acute typhoid at her home. 'She was
born in Woodhaven and was a graduate of Jamaica High School and
a teacher in the Sunday School of the Woodhaven Presbyterian Church.
Her father is a retired farmer of Queens.  She leaves her parents,
three sisters and five brothers.
Elizabeth E. Wyckoff - obituary  (b. 1854)
On Monday, 10/5/1942, mother of Mrs. Caroline VanSinderen
(Wyckoff) Bergen, grandmother of Anna Lott Bergen and John
L. Bergen, sister of Mrs. L. D. Robinson (Elouise DeBevoise)
and Mrs. Irving J. Blair (Sarah DeBevoise).  Services at
Fairchild Chapel, 89-31 164th St., Jamaica.
'Suydam Asserts He Was Forced by Her Brother to
Marry Phoebe Lott'
  Warren R. Suydam, a member of one of the oldest families on
Long Island, says his marriage to Phoebe Lott Suydam was
brought about through fraud, deception and coercion.  He
brought yesterday in the Supreme Court, Brooklyn, suit to
have the marriage annulled.  M. L. Towns, counsel for Mrs.
Suydam, asked that she be allowed $1,000 in lieu of alimony
and $1,500 counsel fee.  Suydam, who is wealthy, lives at
Woodside.  Counsel said Suydam had agreed to marry the woman
and that she insisted upon his carrying out his promise.  On
Suydam's refusal to make her his wife, her brother visited him
at his place of business and requested him to go with him to
Flatlands and marry her.
  Lawyer Towns said the young woman was pining for Suydam, who
had won her affections.  Suydam and her brother went to Flatlands.
On the way they stopped at a clergyman's house and enlisted his
services.  After the wedding, the lawyer said, Suydam disappeared.
  Counsel for the plaintiff said Suydam was employed in a store
as a clerk at a small salary.  One day the defendant's brother
went to the store by prearrangement, took Suydam forcibly away
in a coach and under duress Suydam went through a marriage
ceremony in Flatlands.  Everything had been prepared, counsel
said, and Suydam was helpless.
  Affidavits by Suydam are to be submitted.
Same as above with more detail.
'... driven to the home of Byron Whitcomb, on Kimball Rd.,
Flatlands, and there forced into a marriage with Miss Lott.'
'Suydam remained with his bride only about half an hour, and
then went to the home of his father, John J. Suydam, a wealthy
real estate owner of Woodhaven, LI, and two months later the
woman he married was served with papers in a suit for absolute
divorce.  She has not seen her husband since the day they were
married.'  Suydam is twenty-nine years old (b. 1878) and she is
twenty-five. (b. 1882)
Her brother, John Lott, is over forty, (b. bf 1867) a farmer, weighs
250 pounds, without a superfluous ounce on his frame, and is
reputed to be worth a quarter million dollars, sister has
lived with him since childhood.  Suydam worked at Catlin & C0.,
at 345 Broadway.  Rev. John S. Gardner, pastor of Dutch Reformed
Church of Flatlands performed the ceremony.
Similar to above , but adds that she is about to become a mother.
OBITUARY - 2/18/1906
Charles F. Brower, at Oradell, NJ, husband of Elouise DeBevoise.
Andrew S. Brower, suddenly, on March 10, at his residence,
Oradell, NJ.  Interment at Greenwood.
E. E. Wyckoff (Elizabeth Elmira DeBevoise) at her home,
88-02 166th St., Jamaica, NY.  Buried at Maple Grove Cemetery.
OBITUARY - ??/5/1858
Charles DeBevoise, aged 65 years, 7 months, and 27 days,
in Bushwick. Wife died about a year before. (b. 1793)
OBITUARY - ??/18/1858
Andrew Stockholm, of Bushwick.  'Always lived where he was
born.'  'He left home at noon, in company with a relative,
and rode out near the village of Jamaica.  While transacting
an item of business, he suddenly arose, and put his hand
to the back part of his head, saying he had been seized with
a severe pain, at which his relative approached, and received
Mr. S., expiring, in his arms.
OBITUARY - 8/12/1935
James C. DeBevoise at Summer home in Hendersonville, North
Carolina, husband of Ida M. Turley, sons, Merrill C.,
Turley M., J. Earl and Paul. They reside in Jacksonville, Florida.
OBITUARY - no date
Mrs. Cornelia DeBevoise Lott, 84, widow of Abram VanSiclen Lott,
well known Newtown farmer of Old Mill Road, Elmhurst, died at
her home.  She was born in Dutch Kills and was a member of the
Reformed Church of Elmhurst.  Abram V.S. Lott died about 11
years ago.  She leaves six children: Stephen I. Lott of Elmhurst,
Gertrude Van Siclen Vanderveer of Babylon, Johanna DeBevoise Lott
of Elmhurst, Cornelia R. Wyckoff of Brooklyn, Sarah E. Lott and
Helen F. Rapelje of Elmhurst, and four grandchildren.  Buried
at Maple Grove Cemetery.
OBITUARY - Sept. 12 (1892)
Adrian VanSinderen, age 61, at his home, New Lots Rd & Junius St.
OBITUARY - Nov. 21 (1899)
Ulpian VanSinderen, at his home, New Lots Ave. & Junius St., Bkln.
Age 71.
OBITUARY - 2/1/1894
Ann Stockholm, widow of Andrew Stockholm, in her 86th year.
Funeral at home of son-in-law, Charles J. DeBevoise, Shelton Ave.
CLIPPING - no date
Miss Louise (Elouise) DeBevoise, daughter of Mrs. Charles
DeBevoise, was married to Charles Brower, of Manhatten.
'The happy couple are on a wedding tour in the South.'
Judicial Account of Estate of Abraham A. Wyckoff - 1917
Inventory of estate
PAPERS - 1870-1890
Bunch of handwritten notes concerning will of Hotso VanSinderen,
by executors, Martin Duryea, John Duryea and Ulpian VanSinderen.
OBITUARY - 3/27/1933
Irving Blair, husband of Sarah Waldron DeBevoise, brother of
Sophie D., Meyers H. Blair of 406 Prospect Ave.  Died in
Hackensack, NJ, buried Cypress Hills Cemetery.
BILL - 4/1/1850
To Mr. Wyckoff from 'R. Lowry, dealer in Flour, Meal, Oats,
Hay, Straw, and all kinds of feed, NO. 262 Atlantic Street,
between Smith and Boerum Streets.'
BILLS - 4/8/1858 & 3/15/1859
To Mr. W. (Williamson) Wyckoff from 'T. Walters, Dr. Successor to
Walters, Barrie & Co., Coach Makers, Brooklyn, L.I., corner
of Henry and Poplar Sts.'
BILLS - 1904
Three bills from Martin Seibert, to Mrs. Catalina Wyckoff for
carpentry work on new residence on Bergen Ave., Jamaica.
'Wyckoff Married Another and Miss Lott has him arrested
for breach of promise'
Archibald F. Wyckoff was arrested at his home in Flatlands Neck.
Suit brought by Miss Magdalena Lott for breach of promise of
marriage.  She is 18 years old.  asking for $20,000 for
wounded affections.  He is about 38 years old.  They have
been neighbors for years.
'Miss Lott says that Archibald, in the month of May, 1892,
commenced to pay her marked attention, and a few weeks later,
upon his solicitation, she promised to become his wife.  She
also makes a charge of a more serious nature. (???)'
On investigation, she found he had been quietly married to
Annie M. Wyckoff, living in the next house to Miss Lott
and her father.
CLIPPING - 8/2/1893
'Farmer Lott and Magdalena'
'The Story of the Girl Who Isn't Wyckoff's Wife'
Interview with Samuel Lott, father of Magdalena, on his farm
in Flatlands Neck, about Archibald Wyckoff, as in above article.
'This here Wyckoff was the fust company my little gal ever had.
She is a young thing, just past 17 and goin' on 18, and I never let
her have no company come to see her on that account.  He'd had a
run in with his old man and had gone west about fifteen year ago.
... This thing was goin' on for close to three years and we looked
on it as a settled thing between him and her.... He fell away about
six months ago, and then I asked her questions, and she told me
all. It was pretty hard.... We read in the Eagle, about decoration
day, that he had been married the day before in Port Washington,
to Annie M. Wyckoff. She is no other relation to him, though she
was born in Flatlands thirty-three years ago. Her folks live now
at Port Washington, but she is out with her father on account of
her stepmother, and stopped with some of her people here and did
dressmaking... I've had a heap of trouble. I lost two children, had
my (right) eye put out, and this thing come on me all in a year....'
'Wyckoff, who for some inscrutable reason is called Toly is not the
man to be taken for a Don Juan. He is tall and angular and slow in
OBITUARY - no date
Franklin Woodruff died at his home, 106 Remsen St., Brooklyn.
He was born in Connecticut in 1832, successful in warehouse
and importing business.  He held several Republican offices
and ran for Mayor of Brooklyn in 1879.  He was a cousin
of the present Lieutnant-Governor.
OBITUARY - 12/26/1905
Albert Henry Wyckoff Van Siclen
Suddenly, at the Hotel St. George, in his 75th year.
Funeral at residence, 568 Jamaica Ave., corner Shepherd,
OBITUARY - same as above
with photo, adds Ex-Charities Commissioner of the old city
of Brooklyn and Vice President of the 26th Ward Branch
of the Mechanics' Bank.  Died suddenly of heart disease.
Born in New Lots on farm of parents, Abraham & Phoebe
VanSiclen.  Worked in hardware store of his uncle,
Jacob Wyckoff.  Was President of New Lots Cemetery
Corporation.  Survived by wife, Gertrude C. Schenck, two
sons, G. Schenck and Albert W. VanSiclen, and two
daughters, Mrs. Jerome Lott and Miss Gertrude S. VanSiclen
OBITUARY - 2/23/1904
Fred. Adee Hulst aged 29 years.
Funeral at residence of his uncle, Daniel M. Adee,
Metropolitan Ave. near William St., East Williamsburgh.
OBITUARY - no date
Frank Lott Ketcham aged 30 years, son of Kate L. and
A. Oakley Ketcham.  Funeral from St. Gabriel's Church,
Hollis.  Died 22nd inst.
OBITUARY - no date
Marie Ditmas Lott, wife of John Z. Lott.
At her residence 930 Flatbush Ave., of heart trouble.
Born in Flatbush 11/3/1837, daughter of Henry S. Ditmas
and Ann Schenck.  Survived by her husband, two sons,
Henry D. and Erskine H., and a granddaughter.
Mrs. Phebe Johnson Woodruff, widow of Franklin Woodruff.
With photo. In her 87th year.  Funeral at her residence,
106 Remsen St.  Active in Church of the Pilgrims.
Interment at Greenwood Cemetery.
OBITUARY - 12/27/1905
Mrs. Catalina Bergen, aged 78 years, after a week's illness
of heart disease.  Died at son-in-laws, John H. Eldert, on
Lefferts Ave. and Stewart Ave.  Interment at Greenwood Cemetery.
Her father was John Maria Johnson, who for many years lived
on a farm bordering Liberty Ave.  She was born 10/27/1827,
married Eldert Bergen on 7/26/1849.  He bought 90 acre farm
in Richmond Hill.
OBITUARY - 1/13/1906
Charles DeBevoise Stockholm, son of late Abraham and Jane
Stockholm, at the residence of his brother, Andrew Stockholm.
Interment at Cypress Hills Cemetery.
WEDDING 1/11/??
Anna Covert Eldert married Alexander H. Carpenter
At the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ditmars Eldert,
Fulton St. & Kissam Pl.  She was attended by Miss
Margaret Nostrand of Jamaica, Miss Emma Crampton, Miss
Edith Bowne and Miss Helen Worrell, all of Brooklyn, and
as flower girl, Miss Helen Carpenter, a niece of the bride
and daughter of the groom by a former marriage.  He was
attended by George Linton, A. D. Eldert, Herbert Norton and
John Bergen of Brooklyn, and George Watts of Jamaica.
The Maid of Honor was to have been Miss Gertrude VanSiclen,
of Brooklyn, but owing to the recent death of her father,
she was unable.  'The groom was a brother-in-law of his
bride; he having several years ago married her sister,
who died, leaving him a widower with two children.'
MARRIED - 1/3/1906
Elizabeth Lott Hendrickson, daughter of Elias Hendrickson,
to Howard Kenneth Mackenzie.
WEDDING 10/13/???
Miss Jennie Grace Ditmas, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ditmas,
of Flatlands and Joseph Duke Harrison, at the home of brides parents,
60 Amersfort Pl.  Maid of Honor was Miss Katharyn L. Holmes of
Tremont, N.J.  Best Man was Walter Bradford Harrison, brother of
the groom.  Bridesmaids were: Miss Eliza Prince and Miss May Ditmas,
of Flatbush, Miss Adele H. Bull, of Brooklyn, all cousins of the
bride, Miss Phebe L. Williamson and Miss Elizabeth Hendrickson,
of Flatlands, and Miss Josephine Pye, of Poughkeepsie.  Ushers were:
Charles Andrew Ditmas and Holmes VanBrunt Ditmas, brothers of the 
bride, Frank L. Odell, John L. Vanderveer, John L. Bergen, George
S. Lowe, William J. Barrett, Charles A. Throckmorton, Fred Inglehart.
They departed for new home in Berkeley, California.
Mr. & Mrs. H.E. Hunt announce the engagement of their daughter,
Lillian May to Jacob Ryerson, both of Flatbush.
Miss Gertrude J. Lott of Woodhaven to Mr. Nicholas M. Pette of
WEDDING - 3/6/1907
Irving H. Hoagland to Caroline E. Linington at 93 New Lots Ave. Bkln.
'If an earthquake really did shake Flatbush it is a wonder some
of those cardboard houses did not fall down.'
OBITUARY 3/24/??
Catharine M. Rapelye, wife of Peter Wyckoff, aged 73 years, resided
1325 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn.
OBITUARY 9/23/??
Catherine J., wife of F.S. Covert, in her 74th year, resided in
Williston, L.I., interment, Westbury.
DeBevoise, Charles H., spec gdn, to Andrew C. DeBevoise....2,000
OBITUARY - 3/5/1906
Agnes R. Schenck, wife of Franklin S., in her 66th year, resided
182 VanBuren St., interment private
OBITUARY - 11/14/??
Mrs. Abigail DeBevoise, widow of Andrew DeBevoise, in her 73rd
year, funeral at residence of Edward Reeves, 20 Grove St., Jamaica
OBITUARY - 3/21/1906
Cornelia Kouwenhoven, widow of William G. DeBevoise, resided
104 Madison Ave., Flushing, interment at Maple Grove
ARTICLE - VanSiclen will filed for probate
'Will of Martha Adelia Nostrand VanSiclen who died in her 96th
year on March 7 at the VanSiclen homestead, Lincoln and VanWyck
Avenues, has just been filed with Surrogate Daniel Noble of
Queens County.'  Mentions daughters Annie A. VanSiclen of 111-14
VanWyck Ave., Jamaica, and Ida and Cornelia N. VanSiclen of the
Grace Dodge Hotel, Washington, D.C., and a son Peter N. VanSiclen
of 88-78 193rd St., Hollis and grandsons James D. VanSiclen of
the President Wilson Apartments of Jamaica and Samuel B. VanSiclen
of 250 Schenck Ave., Great Neck.  She was daughter-in-law of
James VanSiclen, who came to Jamaica in 1812 from Pennsylvania.
The will is dated 8/15/1924.
ARTICLE - A.A. Wyckoff, 65, missing from home
'Abraham A. Wyckoff, 65 years old, a wealthy retired farmer and
the owner of many valuable parcels of real estate about Jamaica,
has been missing from his home at 87 Bergen Ave., Jamaica, since
Thursday evening... While suffering from vertigo he seems to lose
all the power of speech and his memory also fails him.  The missing
man is 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs about 190 pounds, smooth shaven
and has gray hair and eyes.  Three fingers are missing from his
left hand and two from his right hand.'
OBITUARY - Abraham A. Wyckoff
On February 15, 1917, in the 65th year of his age.
'Members of the Veteran Volunteer Firemen's Association, and
also the members of Jamaica Lodge No. 247, I.O.O.F. are
invited to attend the funeral services.
ARTICLE -Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 3/5/1919
'Brig. Gen. Charles I. DeBevoise of Brooklyn, Commander of 53rd (Inf.)
Brigade, 27th Division'  With photo taken last October 26, after he,
with his command had come out of the tremendous Hindenburg line
and St. Souplet battles.  He had been commander of the 107th Inf.,
the old Seventh united with the old Twelfth.  A Colonel when
the 27th Div. was mobilized at Camp Wadsworth, Spartenburg, SC, he
headed the former First Cavalry of Brooklyn.  When that unit was
broken up he became commander of the trains of the division, later
commander of the 106th Inf. and still later assigned to school 
in France.  From there returned to head the 107th Inf. in Sept.
ARTICLE  - no date - 'Frozen Fingers Amputated'
Feb. 4, Yesterday afternoon Dr. T. J. Flynn amputated both small
fingers and portions of three other fingers on the hands of
Abraham A. Wyckoff of Jamaica.  The operation was performed at
St. Mary's Hospital.  The fingers had been frozen and were useless.
Amputation was deemed necessary to relieve the sufferer.
CLIPPING - no date
Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Mott, of Dennington Ave. are visiting Mrs.
Mott's sister and her husband, Mr. & Mrs. Claire E. Burtis at
Astoria, L.I.
CLIPPING - no date - draft number
Tuenis G. Bergen of 526 East 21st St. was No. 322 in Local Board
67 of Flatbush, but he will not be called for immediate military
service as he is 44 years of age and is married.
CLIPPING - 1/21/1938(?) - New York Herald
Mrs. Charles I. DeBevoise, of the Barclay and Saugatuck, Conn.,
announced the engagement yesterday of her daughter, Miss Mary
Taylor Lewis, to Mr. James Kenneth Bradley, son of Mr. & Mrs.
James Peters Bradley of Saugatuck and this city.  The marriage
will take place next Thursday at the home of Mrs. DeBevoise,
Longshore Farms, Saugatuck.  Miss Lewis's father is Mr.
Frederick E. Lewis, of California.
'Maria Duryea VanSinderen, widow of A. Judson Palmer, M.D., died
Saturday after a long illness at her residence, 90 Hancock Street.
Her husband was a physician in the Bedford district for over fifty
years.  She was born seventy-two years ago in the old town of
New Lots, the daughter of Hocso (sic) and Jane Ann Duryea VanSinderen.
Mrs. Palmer had lived in the Bedford district fifty-four years
and had been a member of the Central Congregational Church since
Dr. Scudder's time.  She is survived by two daughters, Anna D. and
Mrs. Phebe VanSinderen Peirson(sic), and two grandchildren.  Mrs.
Palmer's only son, Howard George Palmer, M.D., died three years
ago.  Services will be held at her home tonight, the Rev. Dr. S.
Parkes Cadman officiating, and the interment will be in Greenwood
OBITUARY - John K. Vanderveer
At Patchogue 1/29/1917 in his 65th year.  Services at residence,
284 Ocean Ave., Patchogue, NY.  Burial at New Lots Cemetery.
CLIPPING - no date
'Miss Cornelia Lott Watts to become bride of S. Burt VanSiclen'
She is daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Tyler Watts of 85 Bergen
Ave., will marry son of Mr. & Mrs. James VanSiclen of 7 Lincoln
Ave.  Maid of Honor is her sister, Miss Estelle Watts, bridesmaids
are Misses Anne Napier & Harriet Bevin of Jamaica, Misses Ina
Brown of Winchester, Mass., & Cornelia Wyckoff of Brooklyn, Master
James Watts as ring-bearer.  Best man is grooms brother, James V.
VanSiclen, ushers are Newton Revin of Jamaica, Robert Weiss of
Amityville, Robert Girling of Port Washington, Walter Ring of
Forest Hills.  Couple will reside in Hollis Park Gardens.