1786 Directory
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A while ago, I had purchased a small folio properly titled:

'Fac-Simile Reprint of First Directory'

'The New York Directory for 1786'

Illustrated with a Plan of the City
Prefaced by a General Description of New York by Noah Webster
also with an appendix consisting of
Annals of New York City 1786
Compiled for this work

Published by
The Trow City Directory Company
11 University Place, N.Y.

Apparently, this is the reprint published in 1889.
The following is the Directory listing pretty much as it appears.  This corrects several errors that appear in the other online transcript.


The New York Directory  1786
-p. 20
Arden, John; board-merchant; 106 Queen St.
Ash, Thomas; windsor chair maker; 31 John St.
Atkinson, Francis; merchant; 223 Queen St.
Allingham, Charles & co.; merchants; 196 Queen St.
Abremse, A.; shopkeeper; 42 Water St.
Abbot & Kanberry; tailors; 44 Water St.
Asbridge, R.; conveyancer; 27 Smith St.
Asten, J.; shoemaker; 31 Nassau St.
Anderson, A.; joiner; 17 Maiden Lane
Anderson, Elb.; shopkeeper; 5 Maiden Lane
Anderson, J.; shopkeeper; 89 Water St.
Acklay, A.; iron-monger; 7 Broad St.
Attwood, T. Bridgen; doctor; 11 Dock St.
-p. 21
Arding, Charles; doctor; 13 William St. & Beekman St. corner 
Affleck, Robert; merchant; 60 William St.
VanAntwerp & McEwen; grocers; 3 Fly Market
Aicken, And.; shopkeeper; 40 Broadway
Anderson, James; shoemaker; 65 Broadway
Arthur, John; merchant; 160 Queen St.
Aorson, Aaron; ; 28 Nassau St.
Ashfield, John; baker; 44 William St.
Barham, Mrs.; tavernkeeper; 18 Broadway
Betts, John; distiller; 3 Whitehall
Byrn, William; Esq.; 36 George St.
Bickers, John; carpenter; 32 George St.
Brewer, Peter; grocer; 124 Queen St.
Brevoort, John; merchant; 161 Queen St.
Berrien, Peter; ; 103 Queen St.
Bawie, Ann; shopkeeper; 60 Broadway
Bayly, William; merchant; 58 Broadway
Bache, Abraham; rev. of the Church of England; 29 Smith St.
Besley & Goodwin; druggists & apothecaries; 229 Queen St.
Bassett, Francis; pewterer; 218 Queen St.
Burger, John; goldsmith; 207 Queen St.
Bredhurst, Samuel; physician & apothecary; 64 Queen St.
Bowne, George; merchant; 37 Queen St.
Brevoort, Abraham; merchant; 26 Queen St.
-p. 22
Bradford & M'Ewen; plumb.; 147 Water St.
Burke, G.; grocer; 161 Water St.
Backhouse; merchant; 163 Water St.
Beeking, William; grocer; 33 Hanover Square
Berry & Rogers; merchants; 35 Hanover Square
Bourghell, J.; watch maker; 192 Water St.
B. & Browne; shopkeepers; 14 William St. 
Buckle, William; merchant; 9 Water St.
Banks, John; tailor; 12 Water St.
Bleecker, J. & L.; brokers; 20 Water St.
Bard, John; merchant; 46 Water St.
Byvanck, John; merchant; 56 Water St.
Biggs, Thomas; instrument maker; 60 Beekman's slip, facing 
Byarr, Samuel; grocer; 75 Broadway
Brooks, M.; painter & glazier; 51 Crown St.
Bewie, Daniel; grocer; 38 Crown St.
Bostwick, And.; merchant; 37 Smith St.
Bryant, William; Mr.; 1 Smith St.
Bramble, James; whitesmith; 49 King St.
Bard, Samuel; doctor; 46 Broad St.
Barrow, T.; merchant; 58 Broad St.
Beckman, Jas. J.; merchant; 20 Maiden Lane
Bend, Grove; shopkeeper; 16 Smith St.
Broome, J.; merchant; 6 Hanover Square
Barclay, Jas.; merchant; 14 Hanover Square
Blackwell, Joseph; merchant; 21 Hanover Square
Buclin, T. & W.; earthen ware & glass merchants; 69 Water St. 
Bleecker, Anthony L.; auctioneer; 40 Wall St.
-p. 23
Brower, N.; merchant; 95 Water St.
Bancker, Evert; merchant; 5 Wall St.
Burres, Lawrence; grocer; 64 Wall St.
Blagge esq., Benjamin; alderman; 63 Cherry St.
Barker, B.; watch & clock maker; 57 Cherry St.
Bleecker, R.; inn keeper; 57 Cherry St.
Beckman, Theoph; merchant; 9 Cherry St.
Burnside, James; Mr.; 67 Cherry St.
Bowne, Daniel; merchant; 6 Cherry St.
Burras, Benjamin; shoemaker; 3 Broad St.
Brower, J.; upholsterer; 28 Broad St.
Brinckerhooff, Abraham; merchant; 10 Dock St.
Blair, Archibald; stock broker; 16 Little Dock St.
Bruce, P. & R.; merchants; 3 Front St.
Brand, Henry; tobacconist; 6 Beekman St.
Bond, Abraham; grocer; 6 Whitehall
Boyd, James; grocer; 2 Pearl St.
Brasher, E.; goldsmith; 1 Cherry St.
Burns, John; merchant; 2 Flymarket 
Baldwin, B.; grocer; 19 Flymarket
Bussing, N.; tailor; Little Queen St.
Brown, Thomas; stone cutter; Thame St.
Bausell, John; grocer; Partition St.
Buskirk, S.; tin man; 39 Broadway
Bayly, William; tin man; 59 Broadway
Bauman, S.; grocer; 62 Broadway
Buchanan & Thomp.; merchants; 243 Queen St.
Browne, J.; surgeon & dentist; 9 Lower Queen St.
Beekman & Sons; merchants; 241 Queen St.
Burtsell, William; shoemaker; 12 Little Dock St. 
-p. 24
vanBeuren, Beekman; ; 80 William St.
O'Bryand, Captain; ; 11 Brownejohn's wharf
Byrne, Dorsten(?) & Colburn; merchants; Fly Market
Bay, A. S.; goldsmith; 66 Smith St.
Colles, John B.; merchant; 12 Dock St.
Coster, Brothers & co.; ; 20 Dock St.
Childs, Francis; printer; 189 Water St.
Currie, Jo.; confectioner; 52 Smith St.
Cuthbert, Samuel; mast maker; 18 Lower Queen St.
Clarkson, David; merchant; 73 King St.
Constable, Rucker & co.; merchants; Dock St.
Cortlandt, G. & co.; ironmongers; 42 Dock St.
Cape, John; city tavern; Broadway
Costigin, Johnson; tavernkeeper; Lower Battery
Cowen, Solomon; ; 4 Whitehall
Cheesman; tavernkeeper; Broadway
Campbell, Thomas; potter; 29 George St.
Cogswell, James Mason; surgeon & apothecary; Queen St.
Crabb, Thomas; merchant; 212 Queen St.
Crosbey, Dr.; ; 59 Queen St.
Sands, Comfort & Joshua; merchants; 50 Queen St.
Campbell, John; ; 31 Hanover Square
Cragie, Wanright & co.; apothecaries; 27 Wall St.
-p. 25
Campbell, Samuel; bookseller; 41 Hanover Square
Cox, Isaac; merchant; 194 Queen St.
Cocks, Robert; merchant; 4 William St.
Chandler, Metleck; shopkeeper; 11 William St.
Crone, David; tailor; 7 Fly Market & Murray's wharf, between 
Curson, Samuel; merchant; 208 Water St.
Coon, G.; grocer; 31 Fly market
Cuyler, Mrs.; boarding & lodging house for gentlemen; 45 Fly Market
Carter, A.; shoemaker; Cherry St.
Cock, A.; school mistress; 9 Crown St.
Carmer, Nicholas; cabinet maker; 34 Maiden Lane
Charlton, John; doctor; 37 Broad St.
Cautant, David; windsor chair maker; 57 Broad St.
Ceary, James; lodging house; 66 Broadway
Carr, Mrs. M.; milliner; 8 Maiden Lane
Christie, James; earthern ware & glass merchant; 12 Maiden Lane
Campbell esq., D.; merchant; 18 Smith St.
Clarkson, D. & co.; ; 13 Hanover Square
Cocks, E.; merchant; 75 Water St.
Clopper, Corn.; merchant; 67 Water St.
Cassing, Francis; porter house; 26 Wall St.
Crygier; punch & p. house; 69 Cherry St.
Cruger, Nicholas; merchant; 16 Duke St.
Colinac, John; merchant; 48 Dock St.
Clark, William; innkeeper; 2 Little Water St.
Cook, Asher; tavernkeeper; Crane wharf
Chace, John; tailor; 18 Broadway
-p. 26
VanColl, John; tailor; 48 Cherry St.
Clark, Thomas; lumber yard; Cherry St.
Clement, John; grocer; 17 Fly Market
Cornell, Gilbert; snuff merchant; 12 Fly Market
Cock, Henry; merchant; Cortlandt St.
Cochran, John; doctor; 96 Broadway
VanCortlandt, J.; sugar baker; 17 Broadway
Cox, Albian; merchant; 240 Queen St.
Cromie, Francis; shopkeeper; 62 William St.
Cockle, Fred.; ironmonger etc.; 193 Queen St.
Corre, J.; hotel; 52 Smith St.
Campbell, S.; merchant; 4 Hanover Square
Cockcroft, William; merchant; 39 Water St.
Colles, Christopher; sig(?) blue manufacturer etc.; 2 Lower Battery
Constable, Rucker & co.; merchants; Mill St.
Cooper, Ananias; doctor; 47 Dock St.
Coffee, M. P.; teacher of languages; 21 Nassau St.
Cockran, John; carpenter; 31 Duke St.
Cocks, J.; merchant; 83 Water St.
Connelly; tavernkeeper; 27 George St.
Coenrad, Ham W.; baker; 19 Broad St.
Dramer, Peter; merchant; 2 Whitehall
Daly, Mrs.; shopkeeper; Broadway
Dorman, Mrs.; ; 126 Queen St.
Douglas, Nathan; school master; 127 Queen St.
-p. 27
Delaplein, N. & W.; merchants; 211 Queen St.
Donovan, Tim; tobacconist; 57 Queen St.
Donaldson, J.; shoemaker; 76 Queen St.
Dodds, T.; organ & musical instrument maker; 76 Queen St.
Duleey & company; merchants; 51 Queen St.
Desbrosses, James; ; 9 Queen St.
Desbrosses, Mrs.; ; 8 Queen St.
Dudley, William; board & lodging; 151 Water St.
Douglas, Benjamin; tailor; 27 Smith St.
Dewhurst, John; merchant; 90 Water St.
Duychinck, G.; medicine store; 13 Water St.
Dixon, J.; merchant; 94 William St.
Daft, Thomas; watch maker; 33 Maiden Lane
Debaw, Mrs. Mary; earthern ware; Maiden Lane
Dibiny, Mrs.; ; 18 Wall St.
Deril, William; earthern ware; 79 Water St.
Denning, William; Esq.; 10 Wall St.
Dominick, Fran; lumber yard; 7 Cherry St.
Dalton, John; surgeon; 67 Broad St.
Duine, John; ; 8 Broad St.
Duncin & Ferguson; ; 10 Fly Market
Deane, Richard; distiller; Greenwich St., lower end
Dash, John B.; tin, copper, ironmongery store; 67 Broadway
Durning, Richard; merchant; 202 Queen St.
Douglas, George; grocer; 14 Fly Market
Delafield, John; broker etc.; 28 Water St.
-p. 28
Dewint, John; merchant; 12 Duke St.
Delap, Samuel; ; 239 Queen St.
Depeyster, W. A.; ;
Draper, George; doctor etc.; 47 Hanover Square
Degro, Peter; painter & glazier; 136 Queen St.
Deleplane, John; Quaker speaker; 132 Queen St.
Dale, Samuel; ; 78 Queen St.
Deremur, Nicholas; hatter; 85 Queen St.
Douglas, George & S.; merchants; 233 Queen St.
Dobson, Thomas; merchant; 330 Queen St.
Egbert, Moses; ; Whitehall
Eckert, Catherine; gent.; 22 George St.
Earl, Mrs. A.; shopkeeper; Broadway
Eustace, Edward; shoemaker; 122 Broadway
Ellis, John; merchant; 25 Broadway
Ellsworth, John; hatter; 23 Broadway
Ellison, William; joiner; 20 King St.
Elsworth, V.; merchant; 19 Maiden Lane
Edgar, William; Esq.; 7 Wall St.
Egbert, James; carman; 2 Dock St.
Eccles, William; merchant; 10 Hunter's Quay
Franks, D.; conveyancer etc.; 66 Broadway
Forbes, William A.; saddler; 78 Broadway
Farsor, Alexander; school master; Whitehall
Fredenburgh, Isaac; shoemaker; Broadway
Faish, Michael; mason; 112 Queen St.
-p. 29
Forbes, A. William; carpenter; 98 Queen St.
Franklin, Thomas; merchant; 94 Queen St.
Fisher, Leonard; surgeon barber; 116 Queen St.
Fraiser, William; ship carpenter; 79 Queen St.
Franklin, Samuel; merchant; 183 Queen St.
Flight, Joseph; merchant; 28 Queen St.
Foster, John; merchant; 133 Water St.
Rhinelander, Fred. & Philip; merchants; 68 Water St.
Fat & la Forgue; furriers; 23 Water St.
Fleming, John; auctioneer; 54 Smith St.
Fortune, John; grocer; 8 Garden St.
Forbes, G. William; goldsmith; 88 Broadway
Fallum, Michael; grocer; 1 Nassau St.
Fox, G.; tailor; 6 Smith St.
Fisher, Mr. John; ; 20 Duke St.
Fleming, Mrs.; mantua maker; 22 Duke St.
Forest & Cleminson; grocers; 2 Little Water St.
Francis, John; board & Lodge; 3 Dock St.
Freeman, John Captain; ; 30 Cherry St.
Franklin, John; merchant; 35 Cherry St.
Fine, Jacob; merchant; 9 Flymarket
Forbes, Mrs. P.; shopkeeper; 73 Broadway
Foxcroft, John; ; 91 Broadway
Fueter, Daniel; goldsmith; 94 Broadway
Fell & Graham; merchants; 2 Cruger's wharf
Franklin jr, Thomas; auctioneer; 14 Hanover Square
Ferris, Jonathan; farmer; Frogneck, West Chester
-p. 30
Goodberlat, John; tailor; Broadway
Gilbert, William; silversmith; Broadway
Garness, Nelly; tailor; 116 Queen St.
Gesner, John; grocer; 50 Chatham St.
Green, Richard; painter, gilder, glazier, colourman; 237 Queen St.
Getfield, Benjamin; breeches & leather dresser; 20 Queen St.
Gaine, Hugh; bookseller; 36 Hanover Square
Gault, Robert; merchant; 30 Hanover Square
Gaine, R. John; bookseller; 44 Hanover Square
Grandine, John; shoemaker; 1 William St.
Gourlay, Mrs.; milliner; 13 William St.
Gillespie, Jas. & Thomas; merchants; 15 William St.
Gardiner, Thomas; merchant; 85 William St.
Grier, Brooks & co.; merchants; 88 William St.
Grimes; school master; 7 King St.
Gano, John; minister of the Baptist Church; 14 King St.
Gillelan, John; grocer; 9 Garden St.
Gardiner, Noah; shoemaker; 32 Maiden Lane
Graham, John; tin plate worker; 11 Maiden Lane
Garbrane, Peter; turner & umbrella maker; 62 Maiden Lane
Governeur, Isaac; sen.; 14 Smith St.
Gamble, A.; merchant; 22 Hanover Square
Goold, Edward; ; 48 Wall St.
Gilchrist, John; doctor; 66 Cherry St.
-p. 31
Goelet, John; merchant; 26 Cherry St.
Goodeve, John; chandler; 55 Broadway
Goelet, John; merchant; 5 Duke St.
Griffiths, John; hair dresser; 18 Chatham Row
George, J.; currier; 57 Dock St.
Green, John; grocer; 6 Moore St.
Griswood, J.; ; 121 Water St.
Grant, James; grocer; 33 Roosevelt St.
Garner, D.; tailor; 44 Cherry St.
Greswald, J.; distiller; 19 Cherry St.
Graham, James; merchant; 25 Cherry St.
Gib, M. A.; painter & glazier; 80 Broadway
Guion, Carthy & co.; merchants; 33 Little Dock St.
Goforth, William; merchant; 139 Water St.
Glover, John; merchant; 71 William St.
Gilford, Samuel; merchant; 77 William St.
Gomez, Moses; ; 203 Water St.
Goelet, Peter; merchant; 48 Hanover Square
Hall; innkeeper; Harlem Heights
Hendricks, Carman; ; 28 George St.
Hobley, Abraham; tavernkeeper; 143 Queen St.
Hitchcock, John; carman; 117 Queen St.
Hegeman, Peter; shopkeeper; 131 Queen St.
Hyatt, Caleb; innkeeper; 151 Queen St.
Hollwel, Samuel; house carpenter; 105 Queen St.
Hitchcock, D.; house carpenter & undertaker; 89 Queen St.
Hogland, John; saddler; 95 Queen St.
-p. 32
Henderson, Hugh; merchant; 24 Queen St.
Howe, General; ; 156 Water St.
Hewxhurst & Seaman; earthen ware house; 178 Water St.
Hull, Oliver; medicine store; 26 Hanover Square
Hunt, John; merchant; 36 Hanover Square
Hendrick, Uriah; ironmonger; 43 Hanover Square
Harrison, Richard; esq.; 186 Water St.
Harry Peters; ; 3 William St.
Hone & Moore; merchants; 19 William St.
Hallett, Jacob; grocer; 2 Water St.
Hazard & Brewster; ironmongers; 16 Water St.
Herring, Abraham; merchant; 50 Water St.
Haviland, E.; merchant; 65 Water St.
Howe & Prince; merchants; 86 Water St.
Hogg, E.; school master; 58 Crown St.
Hay, Samuel; merchant; 86 William St.
Harris, C.; merchant; 93 William St.
Hodge, Robert; book binder & stationer; 38 Maiden Lane
Hill, William & co.; merchants; 39 Maiden Lane
Haron, Dens.; tailor; 41 Maiden Lane
Hicks, Miss; ; 45 Maiden Lane
Haviland & Lawrence; ; 48 Crown St.
Henry, Mr. John; ; 43 Crown St.
Heymets; tailor; 30 Crown St.
Haughton, Thomas; ; 45 Smith St.
Heyer, Walter; tavernkeeper; 75 King St.
House, A.; baker; 43 Broad St.
Hicks, John; doctor; 47 Nassau St.
-p. 33
Halstead, B.; goldsmith; 13 Maiden Lane
Hele, Mrs.; shopkeeper; 10 Maiden Lane
Harding, John; shopkeeper; 29 Smith St.
Huck, Michael; shopkeeper; 1 Hanover Square
Harsin, George; tailor; 46 Wall St.
Hamilton & Miller; vendue & commission store; 33 Water St.
Harding, S.; Captain; 65 Cherry St.
Haight, Benjamin; saddler; 53 Broadway
Haight & vanVoorhies; merchants; 9 Dock St.
Hallet, David; tailor; 28 Dock St.
Hopper, Andrew; merchant; 71 Chatham Row
Hath, Thomas; carpenter; Chatham Row
Hanshew, Mrs.; tutoress; 64 Beekman St.
Hillyer, William; tavernkeeper; 1 Lower Water St.
Hacker, H.; merchant; 8 Flymarket
Harman, Frederick; doctor; 35 Broadway
Houseman, John; painter; 48 Broadway
Houseman, William; tailor; 70 Broadway
Hoffman, Mrs.; grocer; 71 Broadway
Haviland; merchant; 164 Queen St.
Hunter, E.; merchant; 163 Queen St.
Henry, John; merchant; 209 Queen St.
Hart, Lion; merchant; 4 Little Dock St.
Hick, Paul; shoemaker; 39 William St.
Hearne; livery stables; 56 Gold St.
Hoffman, Mrs.; ; 27 John St.
Henry, John; merchant; 209 Queen St.
-p. 34
Hazard, Ebenezer; esq.; 55 Broadway
Hawxhurst, Nathaniel; watch maker; 214 Queen St.
Haydock, Henry; merchant; 197 Queen St.
Haydock & Warr; merchants; 49 Queen St.
Hopkins, Samuel & co.; merchants; 30 Queen St.
Himele, Jas.; watch maker; 179 William St.
Hagermans, Jacob; merchant; 72 William St.
Hosack, Alexander; woolen & linen draper; 78 William St.
Hamtrack, John; ; 15 Little Queen St.
Hunt, Thomas; ; 142 Water St.
Hamersly, Andrew; ironmonger & dry good merchant; 46 Hanover Square
Jones, Isaac; coach maker; Broadway
Rogers, Isiah W.; Clerk; 123 Queen St.
Johnson, Ogden; ; 232 Queen St.
Johnson, William; ironmonger; 171 Water St.
Johnson, Robert; merchant; 177 Water St.
Jacobs, William; shoemaker; 180 Water St.
Isaac, Joshua; merchant; 8 Water St.
Jauncey, M.; doctor; 15 King St.
Johnson, David; esq.; 17 Wall St.
Isaac, A.; tailor; 3 Prince St.
Jemmison, Neil; merchant; 5 Hanover Square
Ireland, John; merchant; 68 Water St.
Jonas, Lyon; furrier; 21 Broad St.
Jacobs, Benjamin; merchant; 10 Duke St.
Judah, Benjamin S.; merchant; 10 Duke St.
Jacob, E.; carpenter; 4 Thames St.
-p. 35
Jay, Frederick; auctioneer; 11 Queen St.
Jones, Herbert; Mr.; 55 William St.
Irwing, William; Merchant; 75 William St.
I'ans, Francis; merchant; 51 Broad St.
Judson, David; ; 59 Water St.
Intire, Neal M.; ; 19 Peck Slip
Kollock, Shepard; printer & bookseller; Wall St. & Water St. corner 
Kennedy, Henry; innkeeper; 13 George St.
Kenner, Jonathan; carpenter; 152 Queen St.
Kitchel, Samuel; cooper; 108 Queen St.
Kip, James; brass founder; 59 Broadway
Keating, John; merchant; 220 Queen St.
Kemble, William; watch maker; 62 Queen St.
Keating, John; merchant; 20 Queen St.
Kelly, M.; innkeeper; 137 Water St.
King, John; ; 2 William St.
Kip, Henry; merchant; 25 King St.
Kip, Henry H.; inspector of pot & pearl ashes; 25 King St.
King, John; tailor; 56 Broad St.
Kemble, Peter; esq.; 14 Smith St.
Kipp, R.; upholsterer; 7 Smith St.
Kirkby, William; pewterer; 23 Dock St.
Kip, Leonard; merchant; 21 Dock St.
Kip, Jas. & Henry; merchants; 40 Little Dock St.
King, Francis; innkeeper; 10 Front St.
-p. 36
Kunze, Christopher John; doctor; 24 Chatham Row
Kemper, John; painter; 3 Partition St.
Kenyon, William; painter; 190 Queen St.
King & co.; merchants; 65 William St.
Kempton, Samuel; tin plate, copper & iron smith; 197 Water St.
Keating, Charles; ; 15 New Dock St.
Kip & Duryea; merchants; 45 Hanover Square
Lomesny, James; ; 34 George St.
Lawrence, J.; merchant; 162 Queen St.
Livingston, Mrs.; ; 51 Queen St.
Leath, Mrs.; ; 107 Queen St.
Labec, Catharine; shopkeeper; 82 Queen St.
Lecock & Intle; windsor chair men; 71 Queen St.
Lott & vanHorn; merchants; 214 Queen St.
Lenox, Robert; merchant; 210 Queen St.
Livingston, Robert G.; ; 1 Queen St.
Lawrence, A.; merchant; 132 Water St.
Laight, William; merchant; 136 Water St.
Leary, D.; tailor; 169 Water St.
Leipper & Gray; merchants; 36 Hanover Square
Leary, William; grocer; 182 Water St.
Ludlow, C.; esq.; 184 Water St.
Loudon, Samuel; printer; 5 Water St.
Lencester, B.; shipwright; 73 Cherry St.
Lawrence, John; doctor; 53 Smith St.
Livingston, John; esq.; 71 King St.
Lynch & Stoughton; merchants; 9 Prince St.
-p. 37
Lee & Ferguson; ; 24 Nassau St.
Lewis, James; tailor; 2 Garden St.
Lynch, Dominick; ; 9 Prince St.
Laughern, Arthur; merchant; 54 Maiden Lane
Ludlow & Goold; ; 47 Wall St.
Laehr, Christian; tailor; 42 Smith St.
Lawrence, Thomas; merchant; 61 Cherry St.
Leary, Joseph; chocolate maker; 15 Broad St.
Lott, Abraham; merchant; 15 Duke St.
Levy, Rayman; merchant; 7 Duke St.
Leake, John G.; gentleman; 5 Fair St.
Lawrence, Richard; china, glass, earthern ware merchant; 26 Golden Hill St.
Latham, J.; esq.; 13 Cherry St.
Lefferts & Suydam; merchants; 40 Water St.
Lasher, John; grocer; 28 Fly Marker
Lefoy, Thomas; hatter; Broadway
Lafley, Mrs. S.; shopkeeper; 41 Broadway
Livingston, J.; clergyman of the Dutch Church; 79 Broadway
Lawrence & Morris; ; 83 Broadway
Lawrence & Morris; store; Duke St. & Old Slip
Livingston, John; esq.; 51 Queen St.
Lamont, Aeneas; Intelligence office & broker; 22 Water St.
Lente, Crist. L.; merchant; 33 Hanover Square
Ludlum, Henry; bathing house; North R.
Low, Nicholas; merchant; 216 Water St.
Lawrence, Eff.; merchant; 227 Queen St.
-p. 38
Longley, Thomas; shoemaker; 57 William St.
Lockwood, John; merchant; 74 William St.
Monerie, Mrs.; gent.; 35 George St.
Merchant, Henry; innkeeper; 9 George St.
Martling, Mrs; tavernkeeper; 4 George St.
Miller, John; hair dresser; Broadway
Manly, Robert; coachmaker; Broadway
Macabee, Mrs.; grocer; 142 Queen St.
Mackay, Donald; hair dresser; 157 Queen St.
Montgomery, Mrs.; ; 51 Queen St.
Mead, James; merchant; 17 Roosevelt St.
Montanue, Isaac; grocer; 83 Queen St. 
Myers, J.; tavernkeeper; 30 John St.
Moore, B.; tobacconist; 45 John St.
Mitchel, Andrew; merchant; 236 Queen St.
Moore, Richard; doctor; 229 Queen St.
Morewood & co.; merchants; 222 Queen St.
Mitchel, H.; watch maker; 201 Queen St.
Mohtaudevert, Jas.; merchant; 202 Queen St.
Myers, William; hair dresser; 62 Queen St.
Murray jr, John; merchant; 38 Queen St.
Muligan, H.; merchant, tailor; 23 Queen St.
Miller jr, E.; merchant; 14 Queen St.
Merkel, Lott; furrier; 6 Queen St.
Muiffon, James; apothecary; 150 Water St.
Mahon, William & co.; merchants; 159 Queen St.
Maule, Thomas; merchant; 40 Hanover Square
Meales, Josh. & co.; merchants; 191 Water St.
-p. 39
Murro & M'Graith; merchants; 23 Maiden lane
Mould, Walter; ; 23 William St.
Morgan jr, J.; painter & glazier; 15 Water St.
Miller, Peter; tobacconist; 19 Water St. 
Morton, S. M.; merchant; 215 Water St.
Macgill, Robert; bookseller; 212 Water St.
Mitchell & Herbertson; ; 42 Golden Hill
Mowatt, John; ironmonger; 87 William St.
Meeks, Edward; blacksmith; 5 Crown St.
Montanye, Abraham; brass founder; 13 King St.
Mercein, Andrew; baker; 16 King St.
Montgomery, Robert; ; 19 King St.
Miller, Mrs. Mary; ; 55 King St.
Mason, John; minister of the Seceder church; 7 Nassau St.
Mooney, William; upholsterer; 14 Nassau St.
Murphy, Mary; tavernkeeper; 57 Maiden Lane
Montgomery, Robert; watch & clockmaker; 35 Wall St.
Mulheran, Richard; merchant; 87 Water St.
Morisson, John; dyer; 91 Water St.
Maxwell, William; snuff & tobacco manufactorer; 4 Wall St.
Mordecai, Jacob; vendue & commission store; 22 Wall St.
Mount, Joseph; showmaker; 68 Cherry St.
Morton, William; esq.; 2 Duke St.
Morgan, Joseph; cutler; 27 Duke St. 
Mark, Phil. & Jacob; merchant; 16 Dock St.
Mecomb, Jas.; merchant; 28 Little Dock St. 
-p. 40
Moody, J.; tavernkeeper; 32 Little George St.
Moore, William; doctor; 15 Beekman St.
Murray, Mumford & Bowen; merchants; Cranw.
Milier; doctor; 30 Golden Hill
Myer, John; merchant; 1 Fly Market
Mitchell, David; earthern ware merchant; 27 Fly Market
Moore, N.; mason; Dyes St.
Mills, John; shoemaker; 38 Broadway
Mills, Josh.; house carpenter; 76 Broadway
Mooney, B.; hatter; 43 William St.
Merritt, William; tailor; 50 William St.
Moses, Isaac; auctioneer; 37 Dock St.
Marr, J.; saddler; 35 Broadway
Mennye, John; school master; 32 Gold St.
Malcolm, William & co.; ; 159 Water St.
McDougall, Peter; merchant; Queen St.
McFarlane; earthern ware dealer; 56 William St.
McGuier; tailor; 24 William St.
McEvers, George; merchant; 7 Hanover Square
McLean, Charles; grocer; 5 Moore St.
McLean, Mrs.; midwife; 6 Broad St.
McLeir, Abraham; merchant; 19 Duke St.
McLean, Peter; merchant; 32 Duke St.
Maverick, Peter; engraver; 5 Crown St.
McQuinn, John; habit maker; 32 Queen St.
-p. 41
Norwood, D.; tavernkeeper; 44 John St.
Nixon, Thomas; merchant; 229 Queen St.
Norwood, R.; earthern ware merchant; 19 John St.
Norton, Isaac & co.; grocers; 142 Water St.
Nelson, William; captain; 26 Water St.
Nichols, Lewis; merchant; 90 William St.
Newton, Joseph; builder; 2 King St.
Nitchie, John; starch & hair powder manufacturer; 7 Garden St.
Nathan, Simon; merchant; 44 Broad St.
vanNorden, Luke; shopkeeper; 3 Maiden Lane
Norris, Richard; porter house; 3 Broad St.
Neilton, William; merchant; 40 Dock St.
Neisman, P.; merchant; 16 Front St.
Nicholas, W.; merchant; 4 Beekman Slip
Nicholas, J.; merchant; 4 Garden St.
Nash, Henry & co.; ; Broadway
Oswald, Eleazer; printer; 25 Water St.
Ogden, Samuel; merchant; 14 Water St.
Ogilvie, Mrs.; shopkeeper; 62 King St.
Ogsbur, Alexander; shopkeeper; 31 Smith St.
Otterson, A.; tailor; 17 Hanover Square
Oudenaarde, Marinus; merchant; 19 Hanover Square
Onderdonk, J.; doctor; 21 Beekman St.
Ogden, Lewis; esqr. merchant; 41 Dock St.
Oothout & Dumont; merchant; 13 Smith St.
-p. 42
Powel, Henry; tailor; 31 George St.
Papeshels, Leonard; tailor; 12 George St.
Parker, William; painter; 80 Queen St.
Pierseall & Pell; merchants; 205 Queen St.
Pearssel, Thomas; merchant; 203 Queen St.
Prior, Edmond; merchant; 195 Queen St;
Parsons, James; merchant; 194 Queen St.
Platt, William; paper hanger; 61 Queen St.
Pearsall & Embree; watch & clock makers; 43 Queen St.
Planton, J.; shopkeeper; 173 Water St.
Pattan, Edward; tailor; 179 Water St.
Pendleton, D.; merchant; 67 Water St.
Pugsley, John; merchant; 84 William St.
Pintard, John; merchant; 16 Wall St.
Phelan, Joze; clergyman of the church of Rome; 1 Beekman St.
Pothout, John; merchant; 13 Smith St.
Panton, Francis; merchant; 38 Wall St.
Parker, Daniel; auctioneer; 23 Wall St.
Phacanon, P.; baker; 19 Duke St.
Postlethwait, Jas.; Captain; 25 Duke St.
Pierce, J.; Esq.; 14 Dock St.
Prexel, J.; painter; 25 Cherry St.
Philips, Richard; ; 5 Cherry St.
Parks, John; shoemaker; 10 Cherry St.
Post, Jothan; butcher; 8 Cherry St.
Pexton, James; carpenter; 72 Broadway
-p. 43
Picken; dancing master; 1 Smith St.
Pollock, George; merchant; 24 Water St.
Pearsse, John; ; 37 Crown St.
Palmer jr, John; ; 8 Rutgers St.
Pozer, Jacob; baker; 29 Saint James St.
Pollock, Carlile; insurance office; 24 Water St.
Platt, Richard; broker; 27 Water St.
Quincey, J.; instrument maker; 199 Water St.
Robinson, Mrs.; ; 14 George St.
Richardson, J.; merchant; Broadway
Risrarg, Peter; tavernkeeper; 26 George St.
Rickey, Alexander; carman; 13 George St.
Russel, Joseph; carman; 121 Queen St.
Ronnells, James; carpenter; 107 Queen St.
Ricker, Henry; cabinet maker; 87 Queen St.
Rogers, Leon; breeches maker; 55 Broadway
Roome, Henry; merchant; 57 Broadway
Rogers & Lyde; merchants; 200 Queen St.
Rogers, M.; merchant; 26 Queen St.
Robins, Ezek & Enoch; hatters; 31 Queen St.
Rosen, G.; ale & porter house; 131 Water St.
Rose, Joseph; distiller; 135 Water St.
Rose, J.; hair dresser; 141 Water St.
Rosewell, J.; iron monger; 174 Water St.
Roberts, Michael; goldsmith; 42 Hanover Square
Rytter, Daniel; tailor; 180 Water St.
-p. 44
Rylander, Mrs.; shopkeeper; 10 William St.
Ramage, John; miniature painter; 25 William St.
Rutledge, William; joiner; 214 Water St.
Robertson, Charles; shopkeeper; 83 William St.
Reiley, Robert; shoemaker; 5 Lower Queen St.
Remsen, John; merchant; 29 King St.
Robuck, Jarvis; cork cutter; 54 King St.
Renson, William & co.; merchants; 39 Broad St.
Rogers, Dr. John; minister of the united presbyterian congregation; 7 Nassau St.
Ritter, John; tailor; 54 Nassau St.
LeRoy, Jacob & Sons; merchants; 31 Maiden Lane 
Relay, Henry; merchant; 30 Maiden Lane
Ritter, Peter; jeweller; 51 Broadway
Richardson, John; shopkeeper; 30 Smith St.
Roberts, Robert; hatter; 24 Smith St.
Retson & Bayard; merchants; 4 Hanover Square
Remsen, Henry; merchant; 8 Hanover Square
Robertson, Alexander; merchant; 12 Hanover Square
Roberts, Miss M.; milliner; 42 Wall St.
Ramsay, John; merchant; 51 Wall St.
Rhodes, Thomas; boarding & lodging; 80 Water St.
Rierwick, James; merchant; 7 Dock St.
Roseumen, Richard; tin man; 37 Little Dock St.
Rkissum?, Peter; merchant; 7 Pecks Slip
Remsen, W. & J.; grocers; 7 Whitehall
Romaine, Nicholas; ; 3 John St.
Renson, Henry; shoemaker; 32 Cherry St.
Ritter, Michael; goldsmith; 24 Flymarket
Resler, J.; tallow chandler; 34 Broadway
-p. 45
Ross, Mrs.; grocer; 37 Broadway
Richardson, J.; jeweller; 69 Broadway 
Read & Bogardus; merchants; 244 Queen St.
Read, Jacob; merchant; 7 William St.
Roosevelt & Son; sugar refiners; 159 Queen St.
Raydock & Warr; merchants; 49 Queen St.
Randallson & Stewards; merchants; 10 Hanover Square
Robertson Robert; merchant; 73 William St.
Robertson Robert; merchant; 81 William St.
Richards, Smith; grocer; Old Slip & Little Dock St. corner
Roston, Edward R.; ; 191 Queen St.
Spering, Henry; shoemaker; 66 Broadway
Shea, George; merchant; 1 Hunter's Quay
Sutten, Kellep; shopkeeper; 8 George St.
Shea, Patrick; livery stables; 5 George St.
Stanton, Jasper; grocer; 3 George St.
Snell, Elizabeth; school mistress; 117 Queen St.
Stestrich, G.; baker; 150 Queen St.
Seaton, Mrs.; boarding school; 25 Smith St.
Sutton, William; ropemaker; 104 Smith St.
Stringham, Joseph; Captain; 110 Smith St.
Shoe & Hay; shoemakers; 84 Smith St.
Shattel, John; shoemaker; 93 Smith St.
Slyhum, Benjamin; Captain; 96 Queen St.
Sebring, Barlet; ; 28 John St.
Stevenson, Hay & co.; merchants; Queen St.
Sands, Stephen; clock & watch maker; 199 Queen St.
-p. 46
Sanson, Murray & co.; merchants; 182 Queen St.
Sands, Joshua; merchant; 73 Queen St.
Smith, T.; shoemaker; 58 Queen St.
Seamen, Willet; merchant; 57 Queen St.
Stites, John; merchant; 180 Queen St.
Scott & co.; ; 44 Queen St.
Saidler, James; merchant; 34 Queen St.
Service, Robert & George; merchants; 27 Queen St.
Shotwell & Embree; merchants; 21 Queen St.
Scriba & co.; merchants; 17 Queen St.
Sickles, Gart.; shoemaker; 166 Water St.
Stewart, R.; tobacconist; 42 Hanover Square
Sarly & Barnwell; merchants; 193 Water St.
Salter & Chetwood; merchants; 8 William St. 
Starr, Joseph; shopkeeper; 12 Water St.
Shaw, John; merchant; 213 Water St.
Smith, William P.; apothecary; 205 Water St.
Sharp, Mrs.; merchant; 29 Water St.
Sears & Smith; merchants; 62 Water St.
Seaman, John; grocer; 66 Water St.
Stephenson, Mrs.; ; 24 Maiden Lane
Smith, Jane; school mistress; 72 King St.
Smith, R.; tailor; 35 King St.
Steel, Stephen; coachmaker; 81 King St.
Schermerhorn, Samuel; ship chandler; 13 Princess St.
Stoughton, Thomas; ; 9 Princess St.
Silvia, Roiz Joze; ; 1 Beekman's St.
Staples, J.; grocer; 5 Maiden Lane
Stewart, John; shopkeeper; 51 Maiden Lane
Shrupp, Henry; tavernkeeper; 20 Smith St.
-p. 47
Seaman, John; furrier; 20 Hanover Square
Simmons, John; tavernkeeper; 63 Wall St.
Smith, T.; esq; 9 Wall St.
Shepherd, John; merchant tailor; 21 Wall St. 
Stediford, G.; auctioneer; 34 Wall St.
Sherred, S.; painter; 14 Broad St.
Sickles, Henry; joiner; 26 Broad St.
Simpson, Solomon; ; 31 Broad St.
Stewart, J.; ; 4 Duke St.
Stewart, Alex; merchant; 11 Duke St.
Sidell, John; ; 21 Duke St.
Storm & Sickles; grocers; 35 Little Dock St.
Smith & Wikoff; merchants; 7 Old Slip
Saltonstall & Mumford; merchants; 30 Burling Slip
Saunders, Thomas; ship chandler; 31 Burling Slip
Shaffers, D.; tavernkeeper; 54 Chatham Row
Spingler, Henry; grocer; 7 Chatham Row
Stout, Benjamin; merchant; 6 Golden Hill
Sheafe, Henry; boat builder; 47 Cherry St.
Simmons, John; ship carpenter; 46 Cherry St.
Shelly, J.; chair maker; 50 Cherry St.
Sickels, M.; cooper; 34 Cherry St.
Shonnard, J.; merchant; 29 Cherry St.
Sheafe, Henry; grocer; Partition St.
Saunders, Fred N.; shopkeeper; 42 Broadway
Scank, Abraham; grocer; 52 Broadway
Soderstrom, Richard; consul of Sweden; 63 Broadway
Stewart & Jones; ship chandlers; Murray's Wharf
Shaler & Sebor; merchants; 15 Duke St.
-p. 48
Stakes, J.; grocer; 49 William St.
Sacket, Joseph; doctor; 46 William St.
Smith, Mrs. Rachael; milliner; 59 William St.
Singlair, Hugh; grocer; 60 William St.
Stewart, Augustus; merchant; 7 Dutch St.
Steuart, Archibald; merchant; 68 William St.
Shippey, Josiah & co.; merchants; 43 Little Dock St.
Stevenson, Thomas; auctioneer; 4 Murray's Wharf
Sadler & Bailie & co.; merchants; 9 Hanover Square
Shedden, Patrick, & co.; merchants; 266 Water St.
Schuyler; surgeon; 2 Hanover Square
Smith, Elias; ; 5 Magazine St.
Stevens & Hubbell; merchants; 145 Water St.
Smith, Nathaniel; perfumer & comb maker; 185 Queen St.
Stackhouse, H.; grocer; 16 Cherry St. 
Teller; doctor, taverkeeper; 24 George St.
Tap, William; accomptant; George St.
Thompson, Thomas; furrier; 141 Queen St.
Teller & Vredenburgh; hatters; 146 Queen St.
Tierman, Gabriel; tavernkeeper; 111 Queen St.
Thompson, George; butcher; 128 Queen St.
Titus, Henry; lodging & c.; 30 Queen St.
Tear, John; linen draper; 54 Broadway
Taylor, John & co.; ; 225 Queen St.
Thomas, Thomas; coppersmith; 206 Queen St.
-p. 49
Tom, Thomas; grocer; 165 Water St.
Thompson & Forbes; shopkeeper; 176 Water St.
Turell, E.; merchant; 9 William St.
Turner, John; merchant; 17 William St.
Thompson, William; Captain; 28 William St.
Thompson, Thomas; tailor; 58 Water St.
Taylor, William; shoemaker; 47 Maiden Lane
Thurman, John; esq.; 58 Cherry St.
Thomas, John; house carpenter; 9 Lower Queen St. 
Taylor, John; merchant; 23 King St.
Trent; doctor; 16 Nassau St.
Telyan, V.; chair maker; 2 Broad St.
Tiflee, Jas.; Captain; 33 Cherry St.
Turrell, E.; merchant; 9 Maiden Lane
Tower, J.; grocer; 10 Cherry St.
Tillery, James; doctor; 89 Broadway
Thomas, William; grocer; 242 Queen St.
Tuck, Daniel & co.; merchants; 3 Little Dock St.
Turner, William; shoemaker; 35 William St.
Thompson, Alexander & John; merchants; 63 William St.
Turner jr, John; merchant; 79 William St.
Varick, William; merchant; Broadway
Undrey, Andrew; ; 125 Queen St.
Usiah, Burgh; shoemaker; 128 Queen St.
Ulick, William; dancing master; 29 John St.
vanRants, Mrs.; ; 55 Queen St.
-p. 50
Vandyk, Francis; chocolate maker; 48 Queen St.
Ustick, William; merchant; 33 Queen St.
vanVoorhis & Cooly; silversmiths; 27 Hanover Square
Vick, Abraham & Cummin; merchants; 18 William St.
Vanderbilt, Oliver; shoemaker; 4 Water St.
Underhill & Vernon; goldsmiths; 41 Smith St.
vanTuyl, Andrew; ; 46 Smith St.
vanHorn, Andrew; ; 58 Smith St.
Vanley, John; tailor; 12 Princess St.
Vredenburg, John W.; ; 46 Dock St.
Vacher, John; doctor; 9 Fair St.
Vanbleck, Abraham; doctor; Dyes St.
vanCortlandt, Mrs.; ; 40 Broadway
Vicker, M. J.; merchant; 39 Maiden Lane
Ustick, William; merchant; 33 Queen St.
vanPell, T.; merchant; 41 William St.
Vredenburgh; ; 145 Queen St.
vanHook; sexton of the Dutch Church; 8 Crown St.
vanZandt, Peter; ; 53 Water St.
vanZandt, Viner; auctioneer; 202 Water St.
vanZandt, Tobis; chocolate maker; 92 Nassau St.
Vandam, Anthony; merchant; 13 Nassau St. 
Walker, Samuel; tavernkeeper; 12 George St.
Warner, Jas. & Chas.; coachmaker; Broadway
Wandle, Abraham; innkeeper; 108 Queen St.
vanWaggonen, H. & Sons; ironmongers; 1 Beekman Slip
-p. 51
Wood, T.; shoemaker; 32 Hanover Square
Whitehouse, John; spiritdealer; 181 Water St.
Waldron, Daniel; merchant; 7 William St.
Walker, Jas. & co.; merchants; 20 Wall St.
Will, Henry; pewterer; 3 Water St.
White, John; merchant; 11 Water St.
Walton, A.; merchant; 210 Water St.
Waddington, H. & J. & co.; merchants; 30 King St. & Queen St. corner
Wilson, Abraham; merchant; 89 William St.
William, William; china, glass & earthenware dealer; 46 Maiden Lane
Wilson, James; minister of the Presbyterian church; 47 Smith St.
Wenman, Richard; upholsterer; 2 Lower Queen St.
Wendover, H.; ; 11 King St.
Walsh, Hugh; chandler; 50 King St.
White, A.; ; 67 King St.
Wetlock, James; carpenter; 17 Princess St.
Wyley, John; tailor; 1 Nassau St.
Webster, G.; grocer; 4 Maiden Lane
White, Mrs.; ; 50 Wall St.
Willet, Taylor; grocer; 76 Water St.
Waters, M.; tavernkeeper; 110 Water St.
Wool, J.; last & heel maker; 14 Broad St.
Webb, Samuel B.; gentleman; 4 Dock St.
Wyckoff & Smith; ; 6 Dock St.
Woolsey, George; grocer; 29 Little Dock St.
Winant, Widow; tavernkeeper; 1 Moore St.
Watson, James; merchant; Crane Wharf
-p. 52
White, John; grocer; 5 Flymarket
Willement, William; shopkeeper; 24 Broadway
Wellse, Benjamin; school master; 3 Lower Queen St.
Wilson, Thomas; sail maker; 13 Golden Hill
Warrand, John; merchant; 4 Dock St.
Woodhull & White; grocers; 172 Water St.
Williams, Thomas; Captain; 143 Water St.
Wilks, J.; merchant; 235 Queen St. 
Young, John; sadler; 18 Queen St.
Youl, E.; cutler; 64 Water St.
Yates, Richard; merchant; 28 Maiden Lane
Zeller, Samuel; baker; 7 Little George St.
Ferres, John; merchant; 17 Dock St.
Fell & Graham; merchants; 2 Crugers Wharf
Osborn; boarding & lodging; 61 Water St.
Strang, Nathan; boarding & lodging house; 10 Little Water St.
Kortright, Lawrence; Esq.; 192 Queen St.
Maunsell, Gen. John; Esq.; Bowery Lane, Upper end
Nugent, Rev. Andrew; parish priest of New York; 1 Hunter's Quay
Harison, Richard; Esq. C.L.; 186 Water St.
M'Dougall, Gen. Alexander; Esq.; 8 Duke St.
-----, Rauld; ; 8 Duke St.
Walkins, John; Esq.; 8 Broadway
Carr & ----; merchants; 215 Queen St.
Banyer, Goldsbrow; Esq.; 56 Smith St.
Bibby, Captain Thomas; ;10 Smith St.
Mechaux, Mr.; at Mr. Weir's; Wall St.