Jamaica - 1901
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First Reformed Dutch Church, Jamaica, N.Y.
MEMBERS - 1901
Adams, George L., 91 Ray street
Adams, Mrs. Carrie E.,   "
Allen, Mrs. Mary E., 169 Shelton avenue
Amberman, John A.,   "
Amberman, Mrs. Sarah E., "
Amberman, George W., "
Amberman, Ella May,   "
Anderson, Mrs. Jessie L., Hanson and McAuley place
Aubinger, Elizabeth, Kaplan avenue
Bailey, Isaac P., Lincoln avenue
Bailey, Mrs. Anna,   "
Baiseley, Mrs. Sarah J., Lefferts avenue, Morris Park
Baiseley, Thomas, 111 Clinton avenue
Baiseley, Mrs. Elizabeth, "
Bartow, Annie H., 102 Herriman avenue
Baylis, David, Rockaway road
Baylis Mrs. Martha,   "
Beatty, Ethel I., 30 McAuley place
Belknap, Mrs. Sarah E., 29 Smith street
Belknap, Annie F.,   "
Belknap, Mary E.,   "
Bennett, Mrs. Elizabeth, 26 Flushing avenue
Bennet, Sadie T., 69 Clinton avenue
Bergen, Abraham S., Queens
Bergen, Magdalena,   "
Bergen, Mrs. Catalina, Lefferts avenue, Morris Park
Best, George M., 128 Union Hall street
Best, Mrs. Ada P.,   "
Blake, George A., Jamaica and Park avenues, Richmond Hill
Blake, Mrs. Phoebe J., Jamaica and Park avenues, Richmond Hill
Boening, Mrs. Wilhelmina, 10 Jay street
Booth, Mrs. CecelIa A., 54 Willet street
Booth, Mabel Lilian,   "
Booth, Mrs. Maria D. B., 98 Bergen avenue
Brinckerhoff, Mrs. Sarah, Jamaica avenue, Woodhaven
Brinckerhoff, Sarah E., 15 Prospect street
Burger, Samuel, 47 Union avenue
Burger, Mrs. Isabella H., 47 Union avenue
Burton, Alice C., Welcome place, Ozone Park
Carpenter, Daniel H., Fulton street
Carpenter, Mrs. A. Louisa, Fulton street
Carpenter, Alexander H., 154 Bergen avenue
Carpenter, Mrs. Jennie A.,   "
Case, William E., 45 Union Hall street
Case, Mrs. Emma B., 45 Union Hall street
Case, Albin Roekel,   "
Clayton, George Martin, Chichester avenue
Clayton, Mrs. Hattie Eliza, Chichester avenue.
Clayton, William H.,   "
Clayton, Mary Louise,   "
Comstock, Mrs. Lucy D., 71 Union Hall street
Conklin, Gilbert, New York avenue
Conklin, Emily W.,   "
Conklin, Jessie,   "
Cornell, Grace A., 33 Alsop street
Cornell, C. Floyd,   "
Cosine, Samuel G., Van Wyck avenue
Cosine, Herbert D.,   "
Cosine. Samuel Edward, Plank road, Hollis
Cozine, Mrs. Annie,   "
Cosine, Luella,   "
Crandell, Levin, 151 Beaufort street
Crandell, Mrs. Carrie M,, Beaufort street
Creed, Mrs. Ida J., 91 Ray street
DeBevoise, Mrs. Anna M., 206 Fulton street
DeBevoise, Andrew, 1 John street
DeBevoise, Mrs. Abigail N., 1 John street
DeBevoise, George L., 40 Douglass street
DeBevoise, Charles H., 33 Canal street
DeBevoise, Mrs. A. Ella,   "
DeBevoise, John, Sr., Merrick road
DeBevoise, James Isaac,   "
DeBevoise, Ellen L., Merrick road
DeBevoise, Augustus N.,   "
DeBevoise, John, Jr., Emma street
Degrauw, Mrs. Mary E. S., Fulton street
Dieter, Mrs. Ida, 46 Douglass street
Disler, Mrs. Emma E., Hanson place
Disler, Dorothy L.,   "
Dodt, Charles C., 490 Hillside avenue
Dodt Mrs. Caroline J., 490 Hillside avenue
Downing, Charles, 73 Clinton avenue
Downing, Mrs. Sarah J., 73 Clinton avenue
Downing, Grace J.,   "
Duryea, John G., (*)
Durland, Mrs. Phoebe J., Fresh Meadow road
Duryea, Mrs. Jennie D., Rockaway road
*   Received Oct. 7th, 1900; died Feb. 6th, 1901.
Eldert, Ditmars, 206 Fulton street
Eldert, Mrs. Annie D., 206 Fulton street
Eldert, Anna C.,   "
Eldert, Mrs. Carrie B., Lefferts avenue, Morris Park
Everitt, Benjamin F., 25 Washington street
Finch, Earnest D., 144 Sherman street, Richmond Hill
Finch, Mrs. Edith A., 144 Sherman street, Richmond Hill
Foster, Ellen, Flushing road, Flushing
Foster, Jacob D., Fresh Meadow road, Jamaica
Foster, Mrs. Mary A., "
Fredericks, James R., Lincoln avenue
Fredericks, Mrs. Abigail,   "
Fredericks, William L.,   "
Fredericks, Alice H.,   "
Gautier, Mrs. Catherine, 98 New York avenue
Gautier, Christina,   "
Geery, James, 99 Clinton avenue
Geery, Mrs. Josephine,   "
Geery, Margaret,   "
Griffin, Garrett, Haw Tree Creek road
Griffin, Mrs. Sarah V. S., Haw Tree Creek road
Griffin, Adella,   "
Griffin, George L., Lefferts avenue, Morris Park
Griffin, Mrs. Mary A.,	"
Gulick, Francis F., 58 Douglass street
Gulick, Mrs. Helen T.,   "
Haggberg, Mercedes, 287 Fulton street
Ham, Lucy J., 33 Washington street
Ham, Eveline,   "
Hardenbrook, David L., 22 Flushing avenue
Hardenbrook, Mrs. Laura J.,   "
Harris, Mrs. Florence H., 54 Union avenue
Hausman, Mrs. Ida A., Queens
Hausman, Nicholas W., 586 Fulton street
Hausman, Mrs. Laura H.,   "
Hauxhurst, George W., 432 Fulton street
Hauxhurst, Mrs. Mary A.,   "
Havecker, Amelia, 355 Fulton street
Havecker, Flora,   "
Hegeman, John A., 112 Flushing avenne
Hegeman, Mrs. Phebe L.,   "
Hendrickson, Mrs. Sarah C., 93 Clinton avenue
Hendrickson, Ada C.,   "
Hendrickson, Charles, 32 Franklin street
Hendrickson, John, Locust avenue, St. Albans
Hendrickson, Hendrick, Locust avenue, St. Albans
Hendrickson, Raymond, Locust avenue, St. Alhans
Hendrickson, A. Allen, Locust avenue, St. Albans
Hendrickson, Mrs. Bertha, Locust avenue, St. Albans
Hendrickson, James V. S., Queens
Hendrickson, Mrs. Hattie S., Queens
Hendrickson, Mrs. Julia H., 70 Euclid avenue, Brooklyn
Hendrickson, Mary A., 70 Euclid ave., Brooklyn
Heyse, Hortense H., 128 Union Hall street
Higbie, Mrs. Amelia N., Springfield
Hobart, George L., 139 New York avenue
Holland, Francis H., 58 Puntine street
Hopper, Mrs. Mary A., Park View
Hopper, Minnie L.,   "
Hopper, Bertha A.,   "
Hoyt, Mrs. Mary B., 215 Fulton street
Hoyt, Mrs. Sarah, 272 Fulton street
Hull, Mary F., 59 Herriman avenue
Irwin, Eleanor J., Church street
Jackson, Maria Booth, 98 Bergen avenue
Johanknecht, Mrs. Louise E., 320 Halsey street, Brooklyn
Johanknecht, Adelaide W., 320 Halsey street, Brooklyn
Johanknecht, Maria E., 320 Halsey street, Brooklyn
Johnson, Henry, Liberty avenue, Richmond Hill
Johnson, Mrs. Emeline L., Liberty avenue, Richmond Hill
Johnson, Maria L., Liberty avenue, Richmond Hill
Johnson, Henry D., 63 Alsop street
Johnson, Mrs. Gertrude B., 63 Alsop street
Johnson, Mrs. Phoebe D., 69 Clinton avenue
Johnson, Minnie L.,   "
Johnson, Hester D.,   "
Johnson, Martin I.,   "
Johnson, Adele,   "
Kenworthy, Frederick, 70 Chichester avenue
Kirchman, Mrs. Adelia E., Locust avenue, St. Albans
Kouwenhoven, Peter W., Lincoln avenue
Kouwenhoven, Mrs. Sarah E.,   "
Kouwenhoven, Harry Williamson, Lincoln ave
Lankenau, Mrs. Louisa H., 17 Dugan street
Lott, Hendrick, Union road, Jamaica
Lott, Sarah S., Jamaica avenue, Woodhaven
Lott, Cornelia V.,   "
Lott, Phoebe J.,    "
Marshall, Mrs. Myra T., Fresh Meadow road
Marshall, George A.,   "
Marsters, Mrs. Susan A., 215 Fulton street
Meriam, Leo Austin, 30 Franklin street
Meriam, Mrs. Phoebe Agnes,   "
Milburn, Charles W., Emma street
Miller George, 167 Shelton avenue
Miller, Mrs. Sarah H., 167 Shelton avenue
Miller, Florence I.,	"
Miller, Sarah J.,	"
Miller, Carrie, 488 Fulton street
McGibben, Mrs. Carrie, 107 Kaplan avenue
Morrell, Alfred M., 50 Willett street
Morrell, Mrs. Anna W.,   "
Nadal, Mrs. Mary A., 506 Ray street
Nadal, Grace Edna,   "
Nadal, Nettie, 506 Ray Street
Nadal, Bernard H.,   "
Naul, Mrs. Leah V. C., 84 Bergen avenue
Noble, Herbert, M. D., 49 Union avenue
Noble, Caroline L.,   "
Norton, Herbert L., 139 Union Hall street
Norton, Mrs. Maud C.,   "
Nostrand, Henry L., 316 Shelton avenue
Nostrand, Mrs. Phoebe W.,   "
Nostrand, Carrie D.,   "
Nostrand, Margaret T.,   "
Nostrand, Mrs. Rachel, Central avenue, St. Albans
Oakley, Mrs. Hester A., 22 Flushing avenue
Oborne, Earnest A., Park View
Olsen, Charles A., 460 Fulton street
Olsen, Mrs. Sophia A.,   "
Osan, Frederick, 377 Hillside avenne
Osan, Charlotte,   "
Pearsall, Daniel W., Merrick road
Pearsall, Frank W.,   "
Pentecost, John L., Jay street
Pentecost, Mrs. Maria,   "
Pentecost, Annie L.,   "
Peterson, Mrs. Sarah J., 15 McAuley place
Petty, Edith W., 54 Willett street
Phraner, Mrs. M. Margaret, 319 Fulton street
Phraner, Olive,   "
Phraner, Martha E.,   "
Phraner, Ruth, 86 Union Hall street
Powell, George L., 39 Puntine street
Powell, Mrs. Mary E.,	"
Powell, John A.,   "
Powell, James L.,   "
Pulver, Mrs. Martha M., 128 Union Hall street
Purdy, Mrs. Elizabeth S., Hollis
Purdy, Anna M.,   "
Purdy, Elizabeth L.,   "
Ralph, Henry W., 317 Fulton street
Ralph, John J.,	"
Rapalje, Daniel L., Flushing road, Jamaica
Rapalje, Mrs. Cornelia C.,   "
Reichendorfer, Mrs. Anna L., 42 New York ave.
Remsen, Mrs. Emeline, Central ave., St. Albans
Remsen, Ella V. B.,   "
Remsen, I. Cornell, Jamaica
Remsen, Mrs. Georgianna, Jamaica
Reeves, Mrs. Ella, 4 John street
Riker, Edith W., 342 Shelton avenue
Ring, Mrs. Mamie J., Lefferts avenue, Richmond Hill
Roberts, Mrs. Julia, 16 Herriman avenue
Rottger, A. Harry, 25 Franklin street
Ruhmann, Mrs. Mary, Humboldt boulevard and Dean street
Ruhmann, Augusta, Humboldt boulevard and Dean street
Russell, Mrs. Isabella A., Highland avenue
Ryder, James, 95 Herriman avenue
Ryder, Mrs. Julia C., 95 Herrirnan avenue
Ryder, Charles A.,   "
Ryder, Mrs. Sarah V., Lefferts ave., Richmond Hill
Ryder, Stephen, 58 Union Hall street
Ryder, Mrs. Magdalena,   "
Ryerson, Jacob V., Liberty avenue, Ozone Park
Ryerson, Mrs. Ida A.,	"
Ryerson, Mabel L.,   "
Salt, John E., 54 Merrick road
Salt, Mrs. Mary E., 54 Merrick road
Schneider, Frederick A., 38 Wyckoff street
Scott, James A., 43 Puntine street
Scott, Mrs. Mary E., 43 Puntine street
Scott, William M., 82 Bergen avenue
Scott, Mrs. Frances P., 82 Bergen avenue
Scott, Elizabeth B., 82 Bergen avenue
Selover, Mrs. Martha M,, Rockaway road
Shaw, Lillian, Rockaway road
Siney, Viola H., Park avenue
Skillman, Mrs. Gertrude, Flushing road, Flushing
Skillman, Maria C.,   "
Skillman, Joseph H.,   "
Sly, William T., 36 Willow street
Sly, Mrs. Josephine D., 36 Willow street
Sly, Susie J.,   "
Sly, Barnett D.,	"
Sly, Mary E.,   "
Snediker, Isaac, Rockaway road
Snediker, Isaac R.,   "
Snediker. Mrs. Mary V. W., Rockaway road
Spader, Mrs. Serena L., 425 Fulton street
Spice, Henry Wybert, 89 Hardenbrook avenue
Spice, Mrs. Ida R.,    "
Statesir, William H., 103 Shelton avenue.
Statesir, Mrs. Georgianna,   "
Stevens, Mrs. Mary, 171 Shelton avenue
Stevens, Jennie,   "
Stevens, Millie,	"
Stine, Mary, Lincoln avenue
Stockholm, Mrs. M. Gertrude, 411 Fulton street
Stockholm, Andrew, Plank road, Hollis
Stockholm, Mrs. Harriet E., Plank road, Hollis
Stockholm, Maud Hegeman,   "
Stoothoff, James, Rockaway road
Stoothoff, Mrs. Catherine A., Rockaway road
Stoothoff, Mrs. Mary E., Farmer's avenue, St. Albans
Stoothoff, Catherine, 26 Herriman avenue
Strang, Walter D., Union Hall street
Strang, Mrs. Sarah E.,   "
Suydam, Mrs. Anna J., Jamaica ave.,Woodhaven
Suydam, Warren R.,    "
Suydam, Sarah V.,    "
Taber, Charles S., 407 Hillside avenue
Taber, Mrs. Grace C., 407 Hillside avenue
Tapp, Van Court W., 124 Flushing avenue
Tapp, Anna A.,   "
Tenney, Mrs. Virginia, 135 Shelton avenue
Tilton, Mrs. Adelia, 221 Shelton avenue
Tilton, Sarah E.,	  "
Tilton, Pheanietta A., "
Tocher, Mrs. Margaret, 460 1/2 Fulton street
Tooker, Mrs. Sarah B., Lefferts avenue, Morris Park
Tooker, Warren E., Leffert's avenue, Morris Park
Tuthill, Cuyler B., Jamaica Bank Building
Tuthill, Mrs. Cynthia E.,   "
Vanderveer, Charles, Plank road, Hollis
Vanderveer, Mrs. Helen W., Plank road, Hollis
Vanderveer, James, Queens
Vanderveer, Mrs. Cornelia, Queens
Vanderveer. Ida J., Queens
Van Dyne, Abby, 33 Herriman avenue
Van Mater, Gilbert H., Merrick road
Van Mater, Mrs. Catharine G., Merrick road
Van Mater, Francis F. G.,   "
Van Siclen, Andrew J., Union road.
Van Siclen, Mrs. Caroline A., Union road, Jamaica
Van Siclen, Garrett M., Union road,
Van Siclen, Garrett Elmer, Flushing road
Van Siclen, Mrs. Annie,   "
Van Siclen, Martin H., Lincoln avenue
Van Siclen, Mrs. Hester E., Lincoln avenue
Van Siclen, Annie E.,	"
Van Siclen, Mrs. Alice C.,   "
Van Siclen, Adeline Amelia, Rockaway road
Van Siclen, Gertrude Lott,   "
Van Wyck, Mrs. Alice, 70 Euclid ave., Brooklyn
Vedder, Mary K., 319 Fulton street
Vorhis. Phebe M., 74 Ray street
Vorhis, William G.,   "
Vorhis, Stephen H., 165 Shelton avenue
Vorhis, Mrs. Elizabeth	"
Waechter, Philip, Norris avenue
Warnock, Mrs. Harriet C., Carlton avenue
Warnock, Martha S.,   "
Warnock, Leonora B.,   "
Waters, Mrs. Isabella S., 311 Shelton avenue
Watts, George Tyler, 85 Bergen avenue
Watts, Mrs. Estelle G.,   "
Watts, Elizabeth A., 34 Willow street
Webb, Mary E., 101 Shelton avenue
Williamson, Mrs. Emily, Rockaway road
Williamson, Emily B.,	"
Wilson, Mrs. Beatrice, 28 Bandman avenue
Wilson, W. D., 74 Bandman avenue
Wilson, George T.,	"
Wilson, Mabel E.,	"
Woolley, Charles H., 376 Fulton street
Woolley, Mrs. Sadie,	"
Woolley, Samuel L.,	"
Woolley, Mrs. Ruth A.,	"
Woolley, Sherman T., 75 Herriman avenue
Woolley, Mrs. Emma E.,	 "
Wyckoff, Mrs. Catalena L., 22 Canal street
Wyckoft Mrs. Elizabeth E.,   "
Wyckoff, Caroline V. S.,	"
Wyckoff, Anna S., 1 Ray street
Wyckoff, Wm. F., 405 Hillside avenue
Wyckoff, Mrs. Cornelia,   "
Wyckoff, Mrs. Jennie H., 79 Clinton avenue
Yuengst, Mrs. Annie E., 38 Wyckoff street
Zundel, Emil, Hillside avenue, Hollis
Angus, Mrs. Lillian M., Merrick, L. I.
Arieson, Mrs. Catherine B., 569 Putnam avenue, Brooklyn
Babcock, Mrs. George L., 234 Central Park West, New York
Baylis, Mrs. Antoinette, Glen Cove, N. Y.
Bennett, Mrs. Minnie B., 2021 Bergen street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Bergen, William S., 296 Fulton street, Brooklyn
Bird, Mrs. Mamie P., Nutley, N. J.
Blair, Mrs. Sarah, 331 Clinton street, Brooklyn
Brush, Mrs. Sarah E., 190 Georgia avenue, Brooklyn
Brush, Ellen A., 190 Georgia avenue, Brooklyn
Collison, Mrs. Maria A., 69 Kensington avenue, Jersey City
Collison, Edwin A., 69 Kensington avenue, Jersey City
Collison, Grace A., 69 Kensington avenue, Jersey City
Conklin, Charles A., Huntington, L. I.
Conklin, Mrs. Margaret H., Huntington, L. I.
Cosgrove, Lucian J., 2026 Bergen st., Brooklyn
Cosgrove, Mrs. Margaret J., 2026 Bergen street, Brooklyn
Colton, Samuel, Hollis
Cox, Mrs. Anna R., South Fallsburg, N. Y.
Davies, John J., 145 Greene avenue, Brooklyn
Davies, Mrs. Emily,   "
Davies, Mary L.,	   "
Davies, William R.,   "
DeBevoise, Charles C., Corona, L. I.
DeBevoise, Mrs. Emma C., Corona, L. I.
Denton, Mrs. Ida L., Hempstead, L. I.
Durland, George K., 211 W. 104th street, New York City
Eldert, Abraham D., 189 Graham avenue, Paterson, N. J.
Eldert, Mrs. Estelle G., 189 Graham aveune, Paterson, N. J.
Forbell, Mrs. Emma J., 243 Dean st., Brooklyn
Forbell, James L.,   "
Hobart, William H., 537 Throop ave., Brooklyn
Hughes, John 0., 241 W. 15th street, New York
Hughes, Mrs. Emma,   "
Johanknecht, Edwin, Jr., Patchogue, L. I.
Johanknecht, Herbert, Patchogue, L. I.
Johanknecht, Frederick W., 320 Halsey street, Brooklyn
Kammerer, Emile, Morris Park
Lott, Mrs. Catharine M., 69 Kensington avenue, Jersey City
Middendorff, Mrs. Mary L., Brooklyn
Nostrand, Mrs. Phoebe A., Hempstead
Nutting, Mrs. Annetta T., 204 Clermont avenue, Brooklyn
Onderdonk, Elizabeth, 99 Berkley pl., Brooklyn
Ploss, John W., Islip, L. I.
Ploss, Mrs. Eliza J., Islip, L. I.
Remsen, Mrs. Emma J., 289 W. 142d street, New York City
Remsen, Mrs. Addie O., Dunton
Ryder, Frank B., 851 Marcy ave., Brooklyn
Schmitz, Mrs. Annie J., Walnut street, Richmond Hill
Squire, Mrs. Isabella C., Newtown, L. I.
Treadwell, William A., 81 Hooper st., Brooklyn
Van Nostrand, Irving S., Burrsville, N. J.
Van Nostrand, Mrs. Oretelle F., Burrsville, N.J.
Way, Mrs. Minnie A., 20 Pilling st., Brooklyn
Rev. Wm. H. Phraner, 319 Fulton st., Jamaica
Rev. Hendrick A. Hendrickson, Flushing, N.Y.
Rev. Charles S. Wyckoff, 582 Flatbush avenue, Flatbush, N. Y.