"The Album's Petition"
Grant my petition with a smile,
As to each friend I roam.
Detain me but a little while,
Then send the wand'rer home.
Labor with what zeal we will,
Something still remains undone,
Something uncompleted still
Waits the rising of the sun.
  P. W. D.
Sadie F. Kendall
Brooklyn, Feb. 22 /86
Wm. H. Kendall
Sadie V. Suydam
Jamaica Ave.
Woodhaven, L. I.
(Oradell, N.J.) June 20, 1903
Mrs. Charles F. Brower
Oradell, N.J.  1904
Nov. 30, 1902  Oradell, N.J.
Grace Collison is my name,
And I hope it shall remain,
Until I find a worthy young man,
And then I'll change it if I can.
Your Cousin,
Very truly your friend,
Ella Bergen
Hollis, L.I.
Dec. 18, 1886
Dear Weezie,
Remember me when far, far off,
Where kittens die of whooping cough.
Very lovingly,
Jamaica, June 14 /89
W. Siney Bergen
Hollis, Jan. 22 /87
F. F. Mitchell
Queens, L.I. Dec. 1, 1886
I shall ever remember with pleasure
my visit to Jamaica.
Please retain a place in your memory
for a Florida Cracker
Ida M. Turley
July 16, /92
Formerly of Orlecus, Indiana
Let God be thy refuge,
What e'er be thy lot,
The may likely change,
But God, He changeth not.
M. Alice Baylis
Jamaica, June 2, 1887
May love and truth
Adorn your youth,
And catnip and sage
Cheer your old age.
Your Cousin,
July 14th /87
"Keep your feet"
John T. Suydam
If you want to find me you must come to
To Elouise,
A child is known by its doings,
rest satisified in doing well,
& let others speak of you as
they will.
Yours truly,
Walter W. DeBevoise
Little duties are the golden pins
with which we fasten the mantle of
God's blessing around us.
Lovingly, your sister Sarah
Hollis, Nov. 26 '86
Had I the power to carve or print
Thy fortune, my dear friend,
It would be fair and even bright,
Unclouded to the end.
Gertrude Baylis
June 12, 1887  Jamaica
J. Milton Bergen
Jamaica, L.I.  Jan. 1, 1886
James C. DeBevoise
Hollis, L.I.  Dec. 16, 1886
Sincerely yours,
T. D. Carpenter
Feb. 15, 1887
To Elouise
Depend on thyself alone
Friends are fickle
And foes thou need not fear.
May all your future years be bliss
May all your plans succeed
Be but as happy as I wish
Then you'll be blessed indeed.
  Lovingly Your Neice,
  Lillian S. Halstead
  Hyde Park  Sept. 28, 1902
LeRoy D. Robinson
Providence, R.I.  Jan. 9th /08
To Elouise
As the ripple follows the waves to the sea,
So may God's blessing follow thee.
W. H. Anderson
May you and I in glory meet
And cast our crowns at Jesus feet.
  Your friend
  M. H. Bergen
  Hollis, Dec 27 /86
To Elouise
Oh, let my friendship in the wreathe,
Though but a bud among the flowers,
Its sweetest frangrance round the breathe,
Twill serve to soothe thy weary hours.
  L. G. Griffin, 1885
Some friends may wish thee happiness,
Some others wish thee wealth,
My wish for you is better far
Contentment, blessed with health.
  Your Cousin Mamie
  July 13, 1887
Your friend
Lillie L. Remsen
Hollis, April 12 /88
Charles J. Hulst
East Penfield
Monroe Co., N.Y.
Dec. 14, 1886
B. V. Lott
Flatlands, L.I.
Nov. 7, 1886
Jamaica. July 25, 1888
What! write in your Album for critics to spy?
For the learned to laugh at?  No, not I.
  Ritie Collison
George M(?) Ryerson
Flatlands Neck, L.I.
Nov. 7, 1886
Williamson Kouwenhoven
Flatlands, L.I.
Nov. 7th
Nealie E. DeBevoise
Your Cousin
Hollis, L.I.
Abram Lott
Mapleton, L.I.
Oct. 23 /87
Of something to write,
I've been thinking in vain,
So I will leave my best wishes
And just sign my name.
Chas. J. DeBevoise
Jamaica, L.I.  April 1 /86
Moe S. Lott
New Utrecht, L.I.
Oct. 23, 1889
To dear Aunt Ella,
Yours with love,
  Jennie S. Suydam
  Woodhaven, L.I.  Aug. 23 /02
If to me the task was given,
To fill the cup thou hast to drink,
I'd choose the brightest gifts of heaven,
And fill it to the brink.
  Lovingly, your friend
  Grace H. Brown
  B'klyn, Jan. 25, 1886
Your Friend,
Maggie Bergen
Hollis, L.I.
Charles T. DeBevoise
Hollis, L.I.
C. D. Johnson
Jamaica, Long Island
Dec. 25 /85
In all thy ways acknowledge
Him and He shall direct thy paths.
Sincerely yours,
  J. L. Brown
  B'klyn, Feb 15, 1886
To Ella
When asked in an album to write,
I feel much inclined to refuse,
For what can my fancy indite,
That may a young lady amuse.
Not love, I cannot write that,
Nor romance, for my fancy is tame.
And compliments seem rather flat,
So I guess I'll write mearly my name.
  Western Wanderer
  A. F. W.
  April 14th /92
  Flatlands, L.I., N.Y.
Mrs. Foster Burtis
Jamaica, L.I.
Oct 5, 1886
The path of virtue leads to happiness.
E. M. Naughton
#845 VanBrunt St.
Brooklyn  January 2, /86
G. G. Brown, Jr.
Brooklyn  F'ebry 22 /86
Jones and Brooks went out
shooting "Jones" shot Brooks.
What did he shoot?