This is the listing from 'The New York Directory for 1786' presented in order by occupation.

 ; John King; 2 William St.
 ; Neal M. Intire; 19 Peck Slip
 ; Samuel Delap; 239 Queen St.
 ; Lee & Ferguson; 24 Nassau St.
 ; Ogden Johnson; 232 Queen St.
 ; Solomon Cowen; 4 Whitehall
 ; Richard Philips; 5 Cherry St.
 ; A. White; 67 King St.
 ; James Desbrosses; 9 Queen St.
 ; James Lomesny; 34 George St.
 ; Duncin & Ferguson; 10 Fly Market
 ; Elias Smith; 5 Magazine St.
 ; Andrew Undrey; 125 Queen St.
 ; J. Griswood; 121 Water St.
 ; Thomas Stoughton; 9 Princess St.
 ; John Taylor & co.; 225 Queen St.
 ; Solomon Simpson; 31 Broad St.
 ; Edward R. Roston; 191 Queen St.
 ; Carman Hendricks; 28 George St.
 ; John Pearsse; 37 Crown St.
 ; Aaron Aorson; 28 Nassau St.
 ; Brothers Coster & co.; 20 Dock St.
 ; W. A. Depeyster;
 ; Barlet Sebring; 28 John St.
 ; John Duine; 8 Broad St.
 ; Moses Egbert; Whitehall
 ; Andrew vanTuyl; 46 Smith St.
 ; David Judson; 59 Water St.
 ; Robert Montgomery; 19 King St.
 ; John W. Vredenburg; 46 Dock St.
 ; John Palmer jr; 8 Rutgers St.
 ; Mrs. Dibiny; 18 Wall St.
 ; Haviland & Lawrence; 48 Crown St.
 ; Mrs. vanRants; 55 Queen St.
 ; Beekman vanBeuren; 80 William St.
 ; Thomas Haughton; 45 Smith St.
 ; Mrs. White; 50 Wall St.
 ; Scott & co.; 44 Queen St.
 ; Captain O'Bryand; 11 Brownejohn's wharf
 ; Edward Goold; 48 Wall St.
 ; Roiz Joze Silvia; 1 Beekman's St.
 ; Dominick Lynch; 9 Prince St.
 ; J. Stewart; 4 Duke St.
 ; Charles Keating; 15 New Dock St.
 ; Vredenburgh; 145 Queen St.
 ; Mrs. Leath; 107 Queen St.
 ; Ludlow & Goold; 47 Wall St.
 ; D. Clarkson & co.; 13 Hanover Square
 ; Harry Peters; 3 William St.
 ; Henry Nash & co.; Broadway
 ; Mrs. Stephenson; 24 Maiden Lane
 ; Miss Hicks; 45 Maiden Lane
 ; John Hamtrack; 15 Little Queen St.
 ; Moses Gomez; 203 Water St.
 ; Mr. John Henry; 43 Crown St.
 ; Lawrence & Morris; 83 Broadway
 ; Thomas Hunt; 142 Water St.
 ; Andrew vanHorn; 58 Smith St.
 ; Mrs. vanCortlandt; 40 Broadway
 ; Mrs. Hoffman; 27 John St.
 ; Wyckoff & Smith; 6 Dock St.
 ; John Foxcroft; 91 Broadway
 ; Mrs. Dorman; 126 Queen St.
 ; Peter vanZandt; 53 Water St.
 ; Mrs. Desbrosses; 8 Queen St.
 ; John Campbell; 31 Hanover Square
 ; John Sidell; 21 Duke St.
 ; Mr. John Fisher; 20 Duke St.
 ; Robert G. Livingston; 1 Queen St.
 ; Samuel Dale; 78 Queen St.
 ; H. Wendover; 11 King St.
 ; Mrs. Robinson; 14 George St.
 ; Mrs. Montgomery; 51 Queen St.
 ; Mrs. Livingston; 51 Queen St.
 ; Mrs. Mary Miller; 55 King St.
 ; Captain Thomas Bibby;10 Smith St.
 ; Mitchell & Herbertson; 42 Golden Hill
 ; William Malcolm & co.; 159 Water St.
 ; General Howe; 156 Water St.
 ; Dr. Crosbey; 59 Queen St.
 ; Walter Mould; 23 William St.
 ; Nicholas Romaine; 3 John St.
 ; John Captain Freeman; 30 Cherry St.
 ; Peter Berrien; 103 Queen St.
 accomptant; William Tap; George St.
 alderman; Benjamin Blagge esq.; 63 Cherry St.
 ale & porter house; G. Rosen; 131 Water St.
 apothecaries; Wanright Cragie & co.; 27 Wall St.
 apothecary; James Muiffon; 150 Water St.
 apothecary; William P. Smith; 205 Water St.
 at Mr. Weir's; Mr. Mechaux; Wall St.
 auctioneer; Thomas Stevenson; 4 Murray's Wharf
 auctioneer; G. Stediford; 34 Wall St.
 auctioneer; Daniel Parker; 23 Wall St.
 auctioneer; Thomas Franklin jr; 14 Hanover Square
 auctioneer; John Fleming; 54 Smith St.
 auctioneer; Viner vanZandt; 202 Water St.
 auctioneer; Frederick Jay; 11 Queen St.
 auctioneer; Isaac Moses; 37 Dock St.
 auctioneer; Anthony L. Bleecker; 40 Wall St.
 baker; Jacob Pozer; 29 Saint James St.
 baker; Samuel Zeller; 7 Little George St.
 baker; G. Stestrich; 150 Queen St.
 baker; John Ashfield; 44 William St.
 baker; Andrew Mercein; 16 King St.
 baker; P. Phacanon; 19 Duke St.
 baker; A. House; 43 Broad St.
 baker; Ham W. Coenrad; 19 Broad St.
 bathing house; Henry Ludlum; North R.
 blacksmith; Edward Meeks; 5 Crown St.
 board & Lodge; John Francis; 3 Dock St.
 board & lodging; William Dudley; 151 Water St.
 board-merchant; John Arden; 106 Queen St.
 boarding & lodging house for gentlemen; Mrs. Cuyler; 45 Fly Market
 boarding & lodging house; Nathan Strang; 10 Little Water St.
 boarding & lodging; Osborn; 61 Water St.
 boarding & lodging; Thomas Rhodes; 80 Water St.
 boarding school; Mrs. Seaton; 25 Smith St.
 boat builder; Henry Sheafe; 47 Cherry St.
 book binder & stationer; Robert Hodge; 38 Maiden Lane
 bookseller; R. John Gaine; 44 Hanover Square
 bookseller; Samuel Campbell; 41 Hanover Square
 bookseller; Hugh Gaine; 36 Hanover Square
 bookseller; Robert Macgill; 212 Water St.
 brass founder; James Kip; 59 Broadway
 brass founder; Abraham Montanye; 13 King St.
 breeches & leather dresser; Benjamin Getfield; 20 Queen St.
 breeches maker; Leon Rogers; 55 Broadway
 broker etc.; John Delafield; 28 Water St.
 broker; Richard Platt; 27 Water St.
 brokers; J. & L. Bleecker; 20 Water St.
 builder; Joseph Newton; 2 King St.
 butcher; George Thompson; 128 Queen St.
 butcher; Jothan Post; 8 Cherry St.
 cabinet maker; Nicholas Carmer; 34 Maiden Lane
 cabinet maker; Henry Ricker; 87 Queen St.
 Captain; Jas. Tiflee; 33 Cherry St.
 Captain; Joseph Stringham; 110 Smith St.
 Captain; S. Harding; 65 Cherry St.
 Captain; Thomas Williams; 143 Water St.
 Captain; William Thompson; 28 William St.
 Captain; Benjamin Slyhum; 96 Queen St.
 captain; William Nelson; 26 Water St.
 Captain; Jas. Postlethwait; 25 Duke St.
 carman; John Hitchcock; 117 Queen St.
 carman; Alexander Rickey; 13 George St.
 carman; Joseph Russel; 121 Queen St.
 carman; James Egbert; 2 Dock St.
 carpenter; John Cockran; 31 Duke St.
 carpenter; A. William Forbes; 98 Queen St.
 carpenter; James Pexton; 72 Broadway
 carpenter; James Wetlock; 17 Princess St.
 carpenter; Jonathan Kenner; 152 Queen St.
 carpenter; John Bickers; 32 George St.
 carpenter; Thomas Hath; Chatham Row
 carpenter; James Ronnells; 107 Queen St.
 carpenter; E. Jacob; 4 Thames St.
 chair maker; V. Telyan; 2 Broad St.
 chair maker; J. Shelly; 50 Cherry St.
 chandler; Hugh Walsh; 50 King St.
 chandler; John Goodeve; 55 Broadway
 china, glass & earthenware dealer; William William; 46 Maiden Lane
 china, glass, earthern ware merchant; Richard Lawrence; 26 Golden Hill St.
 chocolate maker; Joseph Leary; 15 Broad St.
 chocolate maker; Tobis vanZandt; 92 Nassau St.
 chocolate maker; Francis Vandyk; 48 Queen St.
 city tavern; John Cape; Broadway
 clergyman of the church of Rome; Joze Phelan; 1 Beekman St.
 clergyman of the Dutch Church; J. Livingston; 79 Broadway
 Clerk; Isiah W. Rogers; 123 Queen St.
 clock & watch maker; Stephen Sands; 199 Queen St.
 coach maker; Isaac Jones; Broadway
 coachmaker; Robert Manly; Broadway
 coachmaker; Jas. & Chas. Warner; Broadway
 coachmaker; Stephen Steel; 81 King St.
 confectioner; Jo. Currie; 52 Smith St.
 consul of Sweden; Richard Soderstrom; 63 Broadway
 conveyancer etc.; D. Franks; 66 Broadway
 conveyancer; R. Asbridge; 27 Smith St.
 cooper; Samuel Kitchel; 108 Queen St.
 cooper; M. Sickels; 34 Cherry St.
 coppersmith; Thomas Thomas; 206 Queen St.
 cork cutter; Jarvis Robuck; 54 King St.
 currier; J. George; 57 Dock St.
 cutler; E. Youl; 64 Water St.
 cutler; Joseph Morgan; 27 Duke St.
 dancing master; Picken; 1 Smith St.
 dancing master; William Ulick; 29 John St.
 distiller; Joseph Rose; 135 Water St.
 distiller; Richard Deane; Greenwich St., lower end
 distiller; John Betts; 3 Whitehall
 distiller; J. Greswald; 19 Cherry St.
 doctor etc.; George Draper; 47 Hanover Square
 doctor, taverkeeper; Teller; 24 George St.
 doctor; Richard Moore; 229 Queen St.
 doctor; Trent; 16 Nassau St.
 doctor; John Gilchrist; 66 Cherry St.
 doctor; John Hicks; 47 Nassau St.
 doctor; Samuel Bard; 46 Broad St.
 doctor; T. Bridgen Attwood; 11 Dock St.
 doctor; Milier; 30 Golden Hill
 doctor; J. Onderdonk; 21 Beekman St.
 doctor; Ananias Cooper; 47 Dock St.
 doctor; Charles Arding; 13 William St. & Beekman St. corner
 doctor; M. Jauncey; 15 King St.
 doctor; John Charlton; 37 Broad St.
 doctor; John Lawrence; 53 Smith St.
 doctor; Abraham Vanbleck; Dyes St.
 doctor; Christopher John Kunze; 24 Chatham Row
 doctor; Frederick Harman; 35 Broadway
 doctor; William Moore; 15 Beekman St.
 doctor; Joseph Sacket; 46 William St.
 doctor; James Tillery; 89 Broadway
 doctor; John Vacher; 9 Fair St.
 doctor; John Cochran; 96 Broadway
 druggists & apothecaries; Besley & Goodwin; 229 Queen St.
 dyer; John Morisson; 91 Water St.
 earthen ware & glass merchants; T. & W. Buclin; 69 Water St.
 earthen ware house; Hewxhurst & Seaman; 178 Water St.
 earthern ware & glass merchant; James Christie; 12 Maiden Lane
 earthern ware dealer; McFarlane; 56 William St.
 earthern ware merchant; R. Norwood; 19 John St.
 earthern ware merchant; David Mitchell; 27 Fly Market
 earthern ware; Mrs. Mary Debaw; Maiden Lane
 earthern ware; William Deril; 79 Water St.
 engraver; Peter Maverick; 5 Crown St.
 Esq. C.L.; Richard Harison; 186 Water St.
 esq.; Peter Kemble; 14 Smith St.
 Esq.; William Byrn; 36 George St.
 esq.; John Thurman; 58 Cherry St.
 Esq.; Lawrence Kortright; 192 Queen St.
 esq.; J. Latham; 13 Cherry St.
 esq.; John Livingston; 51 Queen St.
 Esq.; Gen. Alexander M'Dougall; 8 Duke St.
 esq.; C. Ludlow; 184 Water St.
 esq.; David Johnson; 17 Wall St.
 Esq.; William Denning; 10 Wall St.
 esq.; Ebenezer Hazard; 55 Broadway
 Esq.; Goldsbrow Banyer; 56 Smith St.
 Esq.; Gen. John Maunsell; Bowery Lane, Upper end
 Esq.; J. Pierce; 14 Dock St.
 Esq.; John Walkins; 8 Broadway
 Esq.; William Edgar; 7 Wall St.
 esq.; Richard Harrison; 186 Water St.
 esq.; John Livingston; 71 King St.
 esq.; William Morton; 2 Duke St.
 esq; T. Smith; 9 Wall St.
 esqr. merchant; Lewis Ogden; 41 Dock St.
 farmer; Jonathan Ferris; Frogneck, West Chester
 furrier; Lott Merkel; 6 Queen St.
 furrier; John Seaman; 20 Hanover Square
 furrier; Thomas Thompson; 141 Queen St.
 furrier; Lyon Jonas; 21 Broad St.
 furriers; Fat & la Forgue; 23 Water St.
 gent.; Catherine Eckert; 22 George St.
 gent.; Mrs. Monerie; 35 George St.
 gentleman; Samuel B. Webb; 4 Dock St.
 gentleman; John G. Leake; 5 Fair St.
 goldsmith; Michael Ritter; 24 Flymarket
 goldsmith; B. Halstead; 13 Maiden Lane
 goldsmith; Daniel Fueter; 94 Broadway
 goldsmith; John Burger; 207 Queen St.
 goldsmith; A. S. Bay; 66 Smith St.
 goldsmith; Michael Roberts; 42 Hanover Square
 goldsmith; G. William Forbes; 88 Broadway
 goldsmith; E. Brasher; 1 Cherry St.
 goldsmiths; Underhill & Vernon; 41 Smith St.
 grocer; George Douglas; 14 Fly Market
 grocer; John Clement; 17 Fly Market
 grocer; J. Stakes; 49 William St.
 grocer; Isaac Montanue; 83 Queen St.
 grocer; Henry Sheafe; Partition St.
 grocer; William Thomas; 242 Queen St.
 grocer; Smith Richards; Old Slip & Little Dock St. corner
 grocer; Abraham Scank; 52 Broadway
 grocer; Daniel Bewie; 38 Crown St.
 grocer; G. Webster; 4 Maiden Lane
 grocer; George Woolsey; 29 Little Dock St.
 grocer; William Leary; 182 Water St.
 grocer; S. Bauman; 62 Broadway
 grocer; Peter Brewer; 124 Queen St.
 grocer; John Gillelan; 9 Garden St.
 grocer; G. Coon; 31 Fly market
 grocer; James Grant; 33 Roosevelt St.
 grocer; John Fortune; 8 Garden St.
 grocer; John Green; 6 Moore St.
 grocer; Michael Fallum; 1 Nassau St.
 grocer; James Boyd; 2 Pearl St.
 grocer; Mrs. Hoffman; 71 Broadway
 grocer; John White; 5 Flymarket
 grocer; John Lasher; 28 Fly Marker
 grocer; Thomas Tom; 165 Water St.
 grocer; Lawrence Burres; 64 Wall St.
 grocer; B. Baldwin; 19 Flymarket
 grocer; Abraham Bond; 6 Whitehall
 grocer; Jasper Stanton; 3 George St.
 grocer; J. Tower; 10 Cherry St.
 grocer; William Beeking; 33 Hanover Square
 grocer; Henry Spingler; 7 Chatham Row
 grocer; John Bausell; Partition St.
 grocer; Mrs. Macabee; 142 Queen St.
 grocer; John Seaman; 66 Water St.
 grocer; G. Burke; 161 Water St.
 grocer; H. Stackhouse; 16 Cherry St.
 grocer; Taylor Willet; 76 Water St.
 grocer; John Gesner; 50 Chatham St.
 grocer; Samuel Byarr; 75 Broadway
 grocer; J. Staples; 5 Maiden Lane
 grocer; Jacob Hallett; 2 Water St.
 grocer; Charles McLean; 5 Moore St.
 grocer; Mrs. Ross; 37 Broadway
 grocer; Hugh Singlair; 60 William St.
 grocers; Isaac Norton & co.; 142 Water St.
 grocers; W. & J. Remsen; 7 Whitehall
 grocers; Forest & Cleminson; 2 Little Water St.
 grocers; VanAntwerp & McEwen; 3 Fly Market
 grocers; Storm & Sickles; 35 Little Dock St.
 grocers; Woodhull & White; 172 Water St.
 habit maker; John McQuinn; 32 Queen St.
 hair dresser; Donald Mackay; 157 Queen St.
 hair dresser; John Miller; Broadway
 hair dresser; William Myers; 62 Queen St.
 hair dresser; J. Rose; 141 Water St.
 hair dresser; John Griffiths; 18 Chatham Row
 hatter; Nicholas Deremur; 85 Queen St.
 hatter; John Ellsworth; 23 Broadway
 hatter; B. Mooney; 43 William St.
 hatter; Robert Roberts; 24 Smith St.
 hatter; Thomas Lefoy; Broadway
 hatters; Ezek & Enoch Robins; 31 Queen St.
 hatters; Teller & Vredenburgh; 146 Queen St.
 hotel; J. Corre; 52 Smith St.
 house carpenter & undertaker; D. Hitchcock; 89 Queen St.
 house carpenter; Samuel Hollwel; 105 Queen St.
 house carpenter; Josh. Mills; 76 Broadway
 house carpenter; John Thomas; 9 Lower Queen St.
 inn keeper; R. Bleecker; 57 Cherry St.
 innkeeper; M. Kelly; 137 Water St.
 innkeeper; Abraham Wandle; 108 Queen St.
 innkeeper; Henry Merchant; 9 George St.
 innkeeper; Francis King; 10 Front St.
 innkeeper; Henry Kennedy; 13 George St.
 innkeeper; Caleb Hyatt; 151 Queen St.
 innkeeper; William Clark; 2 Little Water St.
 innkeeper; Hall; Harlem Heights
 inspector of pot & pearl ashes; Henry H. Kip; 25 King St.
 instrument maker; J. Quincey; 199 Water St.
 instrument maker; Thomas Biggs; 60 Beekman's slip, facing
 insurance office; Carlile Pollock; 24 Water St.
 Intelligence office & broker; Aeneas Lamont; 22 Water St.
 iron monger; J. Rosewell; 174 Water St.
 iron-monger; A. Acklay; 7 Broad St.
 ironmonger & dry good merchant; Andrew Hamersly; 46 Hanover Square
 ironmonger etc.; Fred. Cockle; 193 Queen St.
 ironmonger; John Mowatt; 87 William St.
 ironmonger; Uriah Hendrick; 43 Hanover Square
 ironmonger; William Johnson; 171 Water St.
 ironmongers; G. Cortlandt & co.; 42 Dock St.
 ironmongers; H. & Sons vanWaggonen; 1 Beekman Slip
 ironmongers; Hazard & Brewster; 16 Water St.
 jeweller; Peter Ritter; 51 Broadway
 jeweller; J. Richardson; 69 Broadway
 joiner; William Rutledge; 214 Water St.
 joiner; William Ellison; 20 King St.
 joiner; A. Anderson; 17 Maiden Lane
 joiner; Henry Sickles; 26 Broad St.
 last & heel maker; J. Wool; 14 Broad St.
 linen draper; John Tear; 54 Broadway
 livery stables; Hearne; 56 Gold St.
 livery stables; Patrick Shea; 5 George St.
 lodging & c.; Henry Titus; 30 Queen St.
 lodging house; James Ceary; 66 Broadway
 lumber yard; Thomas Clark; Cherry St.
 lumber yard; Fran Dominick; 7 Cherry St.
 mantua maker; Mrs. Fleming; 22 Duke St.
 mason; N. Moore; Dyes St.
 mason; Michael Faish; 112 Queen St.
 mast maker; Samuel Cuthbert; 18 Lower Queen St.
 medicine store; Oliver Hull; 26 Hanover Square
 medicine store; G. Duychinck; 13 Water St.
 merchant tailor; John Shepherd; 21 Wall St.
 merchant, tailor; H. Muligan; 23 Queen St.
 merchant; Hugh Henderson; 24 Queen St.
 merchant; M. J. Vicker; 39 Maiden Lane
 merchant; Joseph Flight; 28 Queen St.
 merchant; John Dewint; 12 Duke St.
 merchant; P. Neisman; 16 Front St.
 merchant; Richard Yates; 28 Maiden Lane
 merchant; Joshua Sands; 73 Queen St.
 merchant; John Shaw; 213 Water St.
 merchant; John Turner; 17 William St.
 merchant; E. Hunter; 163 Queen St.
 merchant; John White; 11 Water St.
 merchant; William Laight; 136 Water St.
 merchant; William Eccles; 10 Hunter's Quay
 merchant; John Pugsley; 84 William St.
 merchant; John Arthur; 160 Queen St.
 merchant; Corn. Clopper; 67 Water St.
 merchant; Robertson Robert; 81 William St.
 merchant; Marinus Oudenaarde; 19 Hanover Square
 merchant; J. Wilks; 235 Queen St.
 merchant; Thomas Lawrence; 61 Cherry St.
 merchant; John Byvanck; 56 Water St.
 merchant; Thomas Crabb; 212 Queen St.
 merchant; Abraham Lott; 15 Duke St.
 merchant; S. M. Morton; 215 Water St.
 merchant; Henry Haydock; 197 Queen St.
 merchant; James Parsons; 194 Queen St.
 Merchant; William Irwing; 75 William St.
 merchant; Andrew Hopper; 71 Chatham Row
 merchant; Thomas Gardiner; 85 William St.
 merchant; Peter Dramer; 2 Whitehall
 merchant; Willet Seamen; 57 Queen St.
 merchant; Jas. Mohtaudevert; 202 Queen St.
 merchant; A. Lawrence; 132 Water St.
 merchant; C. Harris; 93 William St.
 merchant; Thomas Franklin; 94 Queen St.
 merchant; John Henry; 209 Queen St.
 merchant; Richard Mulheran; 87 Water St.
 merchant; James Graham; 25 Cherry St.
 merchant; John Ramsay; 51 Wall St.
 merchant; Thomas Nixon; 229 Queen St.
 merchant; Lewis Nichols; 90 William St.
 merchant; A. Walton; 210 Water St.
 merchant; Samuel Gilford; 77 William St.
 merchant; James Mead; 17 Roosevelt St.
 merchant; Francis I'ans; 51 Broad St.
 merchant; John Ferres; 17 Dock St.
 merchant; John Pothout; 13 Smith St.
 merchant; H. Hacker; 8 Flymarket
 merchant; John Taylor; 23 King St.
 merchant; Jacob Hagermans; 72 William St.
 merchant; Daniel Bowne; 6 Cherry St.
 merchant; George Pollock; 24 Water St.
 merchant; Peter McDougall; Queen St.
 merchant; J. Broome; 6 Hanover Square
 merchant; John Foster; 133 Water St.
 merchant; D. Pendleton; 67 Water St.
 merchant; Jas. Mecomb; 28 Little Dock St.
 merchant; William Buckle; 9 Water St.
 merchant; Archibald Steuart; 68 William St.
 merchant; John Turner jr; 79 William St.
 merchant; Jacob Read; 7 William St.
 merchant; William Varick; Broadway
 merchant; John B. Colles; 12 Dock St.
 merchant; J. Lawrence; 162 Queen St.
 merchant; Henry Remsen; 8 Hanover Square
 merchant; George Bowne; 37 Queen St.
 merchant; Crist. L. Lente; 33 Hanover Square
 merchant; Albian Cox; 240 Queen St.
 merchant; N. Brower; 95 Water St.
 merchant; Nicholas Low; 216 Water St.
 merchant; Leonard Kip; 21 Dock St.
 merchant; Robert Johnson; 177 Water St.
 merchant; Evert Bancker; 5 Wall St.
 merchant; John Keating; 220 Queen St.
 merchant; John Goelet; 26 Cherry St.
 merchant; Peter Rkissum?; 7 Pecks Slip
 merchant; John Hunt; 36 Hanover Square
 merchant; John Keating; 20 Queen St.
 merchant; Mrs. Sharp; 29 Water St.
 merchant; Benjamin S. Judah; 10 Duke St.
 merchant; E. Turrell; 9 Maiden Lane
 merchant; Lion Hart; 4 Little Dock St.
 merchant; William Cockcroft; 39 Water St.
 merchant; Jas. Barclay; 14 Hanover Square
 merchant; S. Campbell; 4 Hanover Square
 merchant; J. Nicholas; 4 Garden St.
 merchant; John Franklin; 35 Cherry St.
 merchant; William Goforth; 139 Water St.
 merchant; James Watson; Crane Wharf
 merchant; Augustus Stewart; 7 Dutch St.
 merchant; Joshua Isaac; 8 Water St.
 merchant; Thomas Pearssel; 203 Queen St.
 merchant; Jas. J. Beckman; 20 Maiden Lane
 merchant; Abraham Brinckerhooff; 10 Dock St.
 merchant; Robert Lenox; 210 Queen St.
 merchant; Joseph Blackwell; 21 Hanover Square
 merchant; John Warrand; 4 Dock St.
 merchant; Robertson Robert; 73 William St.
 merchant; Samuel Franklin; 183 Queen St.
 merchant; Thomas Dobson; 330 Queen St.
 merchant; Abraham Herring; 50 Water St.
 merchant; Henry Cock; Cortlandt St.
 merchant; Anthony Vandam; 13 Nassau St.
 merchant; Abraham McLeir; 19 Duke St.
 merchant; Samuel Curson; 208 Water St.
 merchant; James Rierwick; 7 Dock St.
 merchant; John Dewhurst; 90 Water St.
 merchant; J. Richardson; Broadway
 merchant; Neil Jemmison; 5 Hanover Square
 merchant; Simon Nathan; 44 Broad St.
 merchant; John Pintard; 16 Wall St.
 merchant; John Stites; 180 Queen St.
 merchant; E. Turell; 9 William St.
 merchant; And. Bostwick; 37 Smith St.
 merchant; Isaac Cox; 194 Queen St.
 merchant; Arthur Laughern; 54 Maiden Lane
 merchant; Robert Gault; 30 Hanover Square
 merchant; Henry Kip; 25 King St.
 merchant; Abraham Wilson; 89 William St.
 merchant; Thomas Maule; 40 Hanover Square
 merchant; M. Rogers; 26 Queen St.
 merchant; John Myer; 1 Fly Market
 merchant; Phil. & Jacob Mark; 16 Dock St.
 merchant; John Remsen; 29 King St.
 merchant; E. Miller jr; 14 Queen St.
 merchant; John Murray jr; 38 Queen St.
 merchant; James Saidler; 34 Queen St.
 merchant; Henry Relay; 30 Maiden Lane
 merchant; Benjamin Stout; 6 Golden Hill
 merchant; John Glover; 71 William St.
 merchant; V. Elsworth; 19 Maiden Lane
 merchant; John Colinac; 48 Dock St.
 merchant; William Bayly; 58 Broadway
 merchant; Theoph Beckman; 9 Cherry St.
 merchant; J. Shonnard; 29 Cherry St.
 merchant; E. Cocks; 75 Water St.
 merchant; Nicholas Cruger; 16 Duke St.
 merchant; John Bard; 46 Water St.
 merchant; Peter McLean; 32 Duke St.
 merchant; Robert Cocks; 4 William St.
 merchant; George McEvers; 7 Hanover Square
 merchant; Abraham Brevoort; 26 Queen St.
 merchant; Benjamin Jacobs; 10 Duke St.
 merchant; Samuel Hay; 86 William St.
 merchant; Robert Affleck; 60 William St.
 merchant; Oothout & Dumont; 13 Smith St.
 merchant; D. Campbell esq.; 18 Smith St.
 merchant; John Lockwood; 74 William St.
 merchant; John Brevoort; 161 Queen St.
 merchant; Peter Goelet; 48 Hanover Square
 merchant; John Ireland; 68 Water St.
 merchant; Eff. Lawrence; 227 Queen St.
 merchant; T. vanPell; 41 William St.
 merchant; David Clarkson; 73 King St.
 merchant; Edmond Prior; 195 Queen St;
 merchant; George Shea; 1 Hunter's Quay
 merchant; John Burns; 2 Flymarket
 merchant; T. Barrow; 58 Broad St.
 merchant; Daniel Waldron; 7 William St.
 merchant; Haviland; 164 Queen St.
 merchant; Rayman Levy; 7 Duke St.
 merchant; J. Cocks; 83 Water St.
 merchant; John Ellis; 25 Broadway
 merchant; J. Dixon; 94 William St.
 merchant; William Ustick; 33 Queen St.
 merchant; Andrew Mitchel; 236 Queen St.
 merchant; Samuel Ogden; 14 Water St.
 merchant; Jacob Fine; 9 Flymarket
 merchant; William Neilton; 40 Dock St.
 merchant; Alexander Robertson; 12 Hanover Square
 merchant; Richard Durning; 202 Queen St.
 merchant; W. Nicholas; 4 Beekman Slip
 merchant; Backhouse; 163 Water St.
 merchant; Henry Roome; 57 Broadway
 merchant; Alex Stewart; 11 Duke St.
 merchant; E. Haviland; 65 Water St.
 merchant; Francis Panton; 38 Wall St.
 merchant; A. Gamble; 22 Hanover Square
 merchant; John Goelet; 5 Duke St.
 merchant; Francis Atkinson; 223 Queen St.
 merchants; Raydock & Warr; 49 Queen St.
 merchants; Brooks Grier & co.; 88 William St.
 merchants; Daniel Tuck & co.; 3 Little Dock St.
 merchants; Jas. Walker & co.; 20 Wall St.
 merchants; Stevens & Hubbell; 145 Water St.
 merchants; Charles Allingham & co.; 196 Queen St.
 merchants; Fred. & Philip Rhinelander; 68 Water St.
 merchants; Read & Bogardus; 244 Queen St.
 merchants; Mumford & Bowen Murray; Cranw.
 merchants; Lynch & Stoughton; 9 Prince St.
 merchants; Sadler & Bailie & co.; 9 Hanover Square
 merchants; Buchanan & Thomp.; 243 Queen St.
 merchants; William Mahon & co.; 159 Queen St.
 merchants; Carthy Guion & co.; 33 Little Dock St.
 merchants; Duleey & company; 51 Queen St.
 merchants; Morewood & co.; 222 Queen St.
 merchants; William Hill & co.; 39 Maiden Lane
 merchants; Scriba & co.; 17 Queen St.
 merchants; Josiah Shippey & co.; 43 Little Dock St.
 merchants; Pierseall & Pell; 205 Queen St.
 merchants; Leipper & Gray; 36 Hanover Square
 merchants; Rucker Constable & co.; Mill St.
 merchants; N. & W. Delaplein; 211 Queen St.
 merchants; Jacob & Sons LeRoy; 31 Maiden Lane
 merchants; Rogers & Lyde; 200 Queen St.
 merchants; Smith & Wikoff; 7 Old Slip
 merchants; Shaler & Sebor; 15 Duke St.
 merchants; William Renson & co.; 39 Broad St.
 merchants; H. & J. Waddington & co.; 30 King St. & Queen St. corner
 merchants; Abraham & Cummin Vick; 18 William St.
 merchants; Lefferts & Suydam; 40 Water St.
 merchants; Randallson & Stewards; 10 Hanover Square
 merchants; George & S. Douglas; 233 Queen St.
 merchants; Lott & vanHorn; 214 Queen St.
 merchants; Salter & Chetwood; 8 William St.
 merchants; Jas. & Thomas Gillespie; 15 William St.
 merchants; Fell & Graham; 2 Cruger's wharf
 merchants; Haydock & Warr; 49 Queen St.
 merchants; Shotwell & Embree; 21 Queen St.
 merchants; Sarly & Barnwell; 193 Water St.
 merchants; Hone & Moore; 19 William St.
 merchants; Haight & vanVoorhies; 9 Dock St.
 merchants; Sears & Smith; 62 Water St.
 merchants; Rucker Constable & co.; Dock St.
 merchants; Murro & M'Graith & co.; 23 Maiden lane
 merchants; Jas. & Henry Kip; 40 Little Dock St.
 merchants; Josh. Meales & co.; 191 Water St.
 merchants; Samuel Hopkins & co.; 30 Queen St.
 merchants; Saltonstall & Mumford; 30 Burling Slip
 merchants; Retson & Bayard; 4 Hanover Square
 merchants; Carr & ----; 215 Queen St.
 merchants; Kip & Duryea; 45 Hanover Square
 merchants; Beekman & Sons; 241 Queen St.
 merchants; Dorsten(?) & Colburn Byrne; Fly Market
 merchants; Murray Sanson & co.; 182 Queen St.
 merchants; Fell & Graham; 2 Crugers Wharf
 merchants; Comfort & Joshua Sands; 50 Queen St.
 merchants; Robert & George Service; 27 Queen St.
 merchants; Berry & Rogers; 35 Hanover Square
 merchants; P. & R. Bruce; 3 Front St.
 merchants; King & co.; 65 William St.
 merchants; Patrick, Shedden & co.; 266 Water St.
 merchants; Alexander & John Thompson; 63 William St.
 merchants; Howe & Prince; 86 Water St.
 merchants; Hay Stevenson & co.; Queen St.
 midwife; Mrs. McLean; 6 Broad St.
 milliner; Mrs. Gourlay; 13 William St.
 milliner; Mrs. M. Carr; 8 Maiden Lane
 milliner; Mrs. Rachael Smith; 59 William St.
 milliner; Miss M. Roberts; 42 Wall St.
 miniature painter; John Ramage; 25 William St.
 minister of the Baptist Church; John Gano; 14 King St.
 minister of the Presbyterian church; James Wilson; 47 Smith St.
 minister of the Seceder church; John Mason; 7 Nassau St.
 minister of the united presbyterian congregation; Dr. John Rogers; 7 Nassau St.
 Mr.; James Burnside; 67 Cherry St.
 Mr.; William Bryant; 1 Smith St.
 Mr.; Herbert Jones; 55 William St.
 organ & musical instrument maker; T. Dodds; 76 Queen St.
 painter & glazier; M. A. Gib; 80 Broadway
 painter & glazier; J. Morgan jr; 15 Water St.
 painter & glazier; Peter Degro; 136 Queen St.
 painter & glazier; M. Brooks; 51 Crown St.
 painter, gilder, glazier, colourman; Richard Green; 237 Queen St.
 painter; John Kemper; 3 Partition St.
 painter; S. Sherred; 14 Broad St.
 painter; John Houseman; 48 Broadway
 painter; J. Prexel; 25 Cherry St.
 painter; William Parker; 80 Queen St.
 painter; William Kenyon; 190 Queen St.
 paper hanger; William Platt; 61 Queen St.
 parish priest of New York; Rev. Andrew Nugent; 1 Hunter's Quay
 perfumer & comb maker; Nathaniel Smith; 185 Queen St.
 pewterer; William Kirkby; 23 Dock St.
 pewterer; Henry Will; 3 Water St.
 pewterer; Francis Bassett; 218 Queen St.
 physician & apothecary; Samuel Bredhurst; 64 Queen St.
 plumb.; Bradford & M'Ewen; 147 Water St.
 porter house; Richard Norris; 3 Broad St.
 porter house; Francis Cassing; 26 Wall St.
 potter; Thomas Campbell; 29 George St.
 printer & bookseller; Shepard Kollock; Wall St. & Water St. corner
 printer; Eleazer Oswald; 25 Water St.
 printer; Samuel Loudon; 5 Water St.
 printer; Francis Childs; 189 Water St.
 punch & p. house; Crygier; 69 Cherry St.
 Quaker speaker; John Deleplane; 132 Queen St.
 rev. of the Church of England; Abraham Bache; 29 Smith St.
 ropemaker; William Sutton; 104 Smith St.
 saddler; Benjamin Haight; 53 Broadway
 saddler; John Hogland; 95 Queen St.
 saddler; William A. Forbes; 78 Broadway
 saddler; J. Marr; 35 Broadway
 sadler; John Young; 18 Queen St.
 sail maker; Thomas Wilson; 13 Golden Hill
 school master; Benjamin Wellse; 3 Lower Queen St.
 school master; Alexander Farsor; Whitehall
 school master; Nathan Douglas; 127 Queen St.
 school master; E. Hogg; 58 Crown St.
 school master; John Mennye; 32 Gold St.
 school master; Grimes & co.; 7 King St.
 school mistress; Elizabeth Snell; 117 Queen St.
 school mistress; A. Cock; 9 Crown St.
 school mistress; Jane Smith; 72 King St.
 sen.; Isaac Governeur; 14 Smith St.
 sexton of the Dutch Church; vanHook; 8 Crown St.
 ship carpenter; John Simmons; 46 Cherry St.
 ship carpenter; William Fraiser; 79 Queen St.
 ship chandler; Thomas Saunders; 31 Burling Slip
 ship chandler; Samuel Schermerhorn; 13 Princess St.
 ship chandlers; Stewart & Jones; Murray's Wharf
 shipwright; B. Lencester; 73 Cherry St.
 shoemaker; J. Asten; 31 Nassau St.
 shoemaker; T. Wood; 32 Hanover Square
 shoemaker; J. Donaldson; 76 Queen St.
 shoemaker; Noah Gardiner; 32 Maiden Lane
 shoemaker; Benjamin Burras; 3 Broad St.
 shoemaker; Thomas Longley; 57 William St.
 shoemaker; Isaac Fredenburgh; Broadway
 shoemaker; William Burtsell; 12 Little Dock St.
 shoemaker; Oliver Vanderbilt; 4 Water St.
 shoemaker; Edward Eustace; 122 Broadway
 shoemaker; Robert Reiley; 5 Lower Queen St.
 shoemaker; Burgh Usiah; 128 Queen St.
 shoemaker; Paul Hick; 39 William St.
 shoemaker; James Anderson; 65 Broadway
 shoemaker; William Turner; 35 William St.
 shoemaker; A. Carter; Cherry St.
 shoemaker; William Taylor; 47 Maiden Lane
 shoemaker; Henry Spering; 66 Broadway
 shoemaker; John Grandine; 1 William St.
 shoemaker; John Parks; 10 Cherry St.
 shoemaker; John Mills; 38 Broadway
 shoemaker; William Jacobs; 180 Water St.
 shoemaker; T. Smith; 58 Queen St.
 shoemaker; Henry Renson; 32 Cherry St.
 shoemaker; Gart. Sickles; 166 Water St.
 shoemaker; John Shattel; 93 Smith St.
 shoemakers; Shoe & Hay; 84 Smith St.
 shopkeeper; Thompson & Forbes; 176 Water St.
 shopkeeper; Fred N. Saunders; 42 Broadway
 shopkeeper; Mrs. A. Earl; Broadway
 shopkeeper; Michael Huck; 1 Hanover Square
 shopkeeper; John Stewart; 51 Maiden Lane
 shopkeeper; Catharine Labec; 82 Queen St.
 shopkeeper; William Willement; 24 Broadway
 shopkeeper; John Harding; 29 Smith St.
 shopkeeper; J. Planton; 173 Water St.
 shopkeeper; Ann Bawie; 60 Broadway
 shopkeeper; Luke vanNorden; 3 Maiden Lane
 shopkeeper; Francis Cromie; 62 William St.
 shopkeeper; John Richardson; 30 Smith St.
 shopkeeper; Grove Bend; 16 Smith St.
 shopkeeper; Mrs. Rylander; 10 William St.
 shopkeeper; Peter Hegeman; 131 Queen St.
 shopkeeper; Elb. Anderson; 5 Maiden Lane
 shopkeeper; Metleck Chandler; 11 William St.
 shopkeeper; Charles Robertson; 83 William St.
 shopkeeper; And. Aicken; 40 Broadway
 shopkeeper; Joseph Starr; 12 Water St.
 shopkeeper; A. Abremse; 42 Water St.
 shopkeeper; Mrs. Ogilvie; 62 King St.
 shopkeeper; Alexander Ogsbur; 31 Smith St.
 shopkeeper; Mrs. Hele; 10 Maiden Lane
 shopkeeper; Mrs. P. Forbes; 73 Broadway
 shopkeeper; J. Anderson; 89 Water St.
 shopkeeper; Kellep Sutten; 8 George St.
 shopkeeper; Mrs. Daly; Broadway
 shopkeeper; Mrs. S. Lafley; 41 Broadway
 shopkeepers; B. & Browne; 14 William St.
 showmaker; Joseph Mount; 68 Cherry St.
 sig(?) blue manufacturer etc.; Christopher Colles; 2 Lower Battery
 silversmith; William Gilbert; Broadway
 silversmiths; vanVoorhis & Cooly; 27 Hanover Square
 snuff & tobacco manufactorer; William Maxwell; 4 Wall St.
 snuff merchant; Gilbert Cornell; 12 Fly Market
 spiritdealer; John Whitehouse; 181 Water St.
 starch & hair powder manufacturer; John Nitchie; 7 Garden St.
 stock broker; Archibald Blair; 16 Little Dock St.
 stone cutter; Thomas Brown; Thame St.
 store; Lawrence & Morris; Duke St. & Old Slip
 sugar baker; J. VanCortlandt; 17 Broadway
 sugar refiners; Roosevelt & Son; 159 Queen St.
 surgeon & apothecary; James Mason Cogswell; Queen St.
 surgeon & dentist; J. Browne; 9 Lower Queen St.
 surgeon barber; Leonard Fisher; 116 Queen St.
 surgeon; Schuyler & co.; 2 Hanover Square
 surgeon; John Dalton; 67 Broad St.
 tailor; Leonard Papeshels; 12 George St.
 tailor; Dens. Haron; 41 Maiden Lane
 tailor; Daniel Rytter; 180 Water St.
 tailor; William Houseman; 70 Broadway
 tailor; John Goodberlat; Broadway
 tailor; Heymets; 30 Crown St.
 tailor; John King; 56 Broad St.
 tailor; John VanColl; 48 Cherry St.
 tailor; Christian Laehr; 42 Smith St.
 tailor; John Ritter; 54 Nassau St.
 tailor; John Banks; 12 Water St.
 tailor; Thomas Thompson; 58 Water St.
 tailor; A. Otterson; 17 Hanover Square
 tailor; David Crone; 7 Fly Market & Murray's wharf, between
 tailor; N. Bussing; Little Queen St.
 tailor; George Harsin; 46 Wall St.
 tailor; James Lewis; 2 Garden St.
 tailor; Nelly Garness; 116 Queen St.
 tailor; John Chace; 18 Broadway
 tailor; Henry Powel; 31 George St.
 tailor; Edward Pattan; 179 Water St.
 tailor; D. Leary; 169 Water St.
 tailor; David Hallet; 28 Dock St.
 tailor; G. Fox; 6 Smith St.
 tailor; A. Isaac; 3 Prince St.
 tailor; John Vanley; 12 Princess St.
 tailor; R. Smith; 35 King St.
 tailor; McGuier; 24 William St.
 tailor; Benjamin Douglas; 27 Smith St.
 tailor; D. Garner; 44 Cherry St.
 tailor; John Wyley; 1 Nassau St.
 tailor; William Merritt; 50 William St.
 tailors; Abbot & Kanberry; 44 Water St.
 tallow chandler; J. Resler; 34 Broadway
 tavernkeeper; Walter Heyer; 75 King St.
 tavernkeeper; J. Myers; 30 John St.
 tavernkeeper; Johnson Costigin; Lower Battery
 tavernkeeper; William Hillyer; 1 Lower Water St.
 tavernkeeper; Henry Shrupp; 20 Smith St.
 tavernkeeper; Connelly; 27 George St.
 tavernkeeper; John Simmons; 63 Wall St.
 tavernkeeper; Samuel Walker; 12 George St.
 tavernkeeper; D. Shaffers; 54 Chatham Row
 tavernkeeper; Asher Cook; Crane wharf
 tavernkeeper; Mrs Martling; 4 George St.
 tavernkeeper; J. Moody; 32 Little George St.
 tavernkeeper; Widow Winant; 1 Moore St.
 tavernkeeper; Gabriel Tierman; 111 Queen St.
 tavernkeeper; Mary Murphy; 57 Maiden Lane
 tavernkeeper; M. Waters; 110 Water St.
 tavernkeeper; Abraham Hobley; 143 Queen St.
 tavernkeeper; Mrs. Barham; 18 Broadway
 tavernkeeper; D. Norwood; 44 John St.
 tavernkeeper; Cheesman; Broadway
 tavernkeeper; Peter Risrarg; 26 George St.
 teacher of languages; M. P. Coffee; 21 Nassau St.
 tin man; William Bayly; 59 Broadway
 tin man; Richard Roseumen; 37 Little Dock St.
 tin man; S. Buskirk; 39 Broadway
 tin plate worker; John Graham; 11 Maiden Lane
 tin plate, copper & iron smith; Samuel Kempton; 197 Water St.
 tin, copper, ironmongery store; John B. Dash; 67 Broadway
 tobacconist; Tim Donovan; 57 Queen St.
 tobacconist; Peter Miller; 19 Water St.
 tobacconist; R. Stewart; 42 Hanover Square
 tobacconist; Henry Brand; 6 Beekman St.
 tobacconist; B. Moore; 45 John St.
 turner & umbrella maker; Peter Garbrane; 62 Maiden Lane
 tutoress; Mrs. Hanshew; 64 Beekman St.
 upholsterer; William Mooney; 14 Nassau St.
 upholsterer; R. Kipp; 7 Smith St.
 upholsterer; Richard Wenman; 2 Lower Queen St.
 upholsterer; J. Brower; 28 Broad St.
 vendue & commission store; Jacob Mordecai; 22 Wall St.
 vendue & commission store; Hamilton & Miller; 33 Water St.
 watch & clock maker; B. Barker; 57 Cherry St.
 watch & clock makers; Pearsall & Embree; 43 Queen St.
 watch & clockmaker; Robert Montgomery; 35 Wall St.
 watch maker; Thomas Daft; 33 Maiden Lane
 watch maker; Nathaniel Hawxhurst; 214 Queen St.
 watch maker; J. Bourghell; 192 Water St.
 watch maker; Jas. Himele; 179 William St.
 watch maker; H. Mitchel; 201 Queen St.
 watch maker; William Kemble; 62 Queen St.
 whitesmith; James Bramble; 49 King St.
 windsor chair maker; Thomas Ash; 31 John St.
 windsor chair maker; David Cautant; 57 Broad St.
 windsor chair men; Lecock & Intle; 71 Queen St.
 woolen & linen draper; Alexander Hosack; 78 William St.