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                     Record Search Program

Version 1.3 now available!   4/10/2012

Well folks, here it is, a new version 1.3 of my RecordSearch program.  Pretty much the same as the previous, but corrects a few problems that had crept into the old one.  

This program is geared specifically to work with text data files such as are available for download on the Vital Statistics page.  At least for now, I am making it freely available at no cost.  Just download it, install it, and enjoy.

Basically, it provides various, sophisticated methods for sifting through the thousands of marriage and baptismal records that can be in multiple files.  It then takes the results of a search and loosely groups them by family.  It is actually better suited for tracing families than just individuals.

It does NOT search the Internet, only files that are on your computer.


Click here to view a complete up-to-date (4/10/2012) list of all files included with th RecordSearch program.


There are now three separate installation files that may be downloaded.
By default, they would be installed into a RecordSearch directory under the 'Program files' directory on the 'C:' drive.

The first is the most basic, to install only the program and help files.  This would be for people who already have the record files to be searched.

          Download RecordSearch program only


 Or, you may download this 'Plus' version which includes the program and two of the available record files and a small file of a sample search to show what the program does.  The purpose of this installation version is to let people see if it is something they want to use, without downloading the whole huge version with all the record files.

         Download RecordSearch program plus 2 record files


Or, here is the whole thing, the program and ALL the available record files (I'm currently up to about 90 files with about 150,000 lines of text).  This is the recommended installation for anyone serious about searching these records.

         Download RecordSearch program  plus ALL record files

Warning:  Use of this program IS addictive and can result in a lot of lost time<g>

  Below is a sample output from just a 'fuzzy' search under 'wife' prior to 1700, for the search term 'stryker'.


[7] Bergen, N.J. DRC Baptisms 1666-1789
[16] Flatbush DRC Baptisms 1677-1754
[17] Flatbush DRC Marriage Records 1677-1757
[44] NA DRC Baptisms 1639-1730
[45] NA DRC marriages 1639-1801

1656 05 Apr; Claes Thyssen, van Amsterdam; Agnietje Stryckers, van Dwinglo in Drenth [45] 
1678 01 Sep; Joris Hansz Bergen ym of Wallabout; Sara Stryker, yd of Midwood [17] 

1681 Oct 23; Abraham Jorisz, Aaltje Stryker; Gerrit; Joris Hansz Bergen, Stoffel Probasco, and Sara Stryker [16] 

1677 Oct 14; Jan Cornelisz Boomgard, Agnietje Stryker; Lambertje; Peter and Sara Stryker [16] 
1679 Jun 23; Jan Cornelis Bogert, Angenientje Streyckers; Jacob; Jan Streycker, Cornelis Janse, Swaentje Jans [7] 
1680 Jun 21; Jan Cornelise Bogert, Angenietje Streyckers; Jacob; Jan Streycker, Cornelis Janse, Swaentje Jans [7] 
1682 Apr 18; Jan Cornelise Bogert, Angentietje Streyckers; Rachel; Stoffel Kabasje, Weyntje Cornelis [7] 
1684 Nov 17; Jan Cornelisz Bonger, Agnietje Stryker; Cornelis; Gerrit Stryker, Hendrik Stryker, Aaltie Stryker [16] 

1679 Dec 26; Joris Hansz Bergen, Sara Stryker; Lammertje; Jannetie Joris Rapelye, Jan Striker [16] 
1681 Mar 13; Joris Hansz Bergen, Sara Stryker; Sara; Tunis Gysbrechtsz Bogart, Swantje Stryker [16] 
1682 Oct 15; Joris Hans Bergen, Sara Stryker; Aaltje; Michiel Hansz Bergen, Aaltie Stryker [16] 
1684 Aug 31; Joris Hansz Bergen, Sara Stryker; Hans; Abraham Joris (Brinkerhoff), Hendrick Stryker, Aaltie (Annetje) Tunis Bogart [16] 
1696 May 24; Joris Hanszen, Sara Stryckers; Brechtie; Jan Berry, Agnietie Berry [44] 

1657 Jun 13; Claes Thyssen, Agnietie Stryckers; Thys; Jan Strycker, Tietje Tyszen [44] 

1678 Aug 18; Cornelis Jansen Berrien, Jannetie Stryker; Jacob; Christofel Probasco, Peter Stryker, Heyltje Klopper of N. Y [16] 
1681 Mar 13; Cornelis Jansz Berrien, Jannetje Stryker; Claas; Jan Gorter, Swantje Stryker [16] 
1683 Jul 15; Cornelis Janse Berrien, Jannetie Stryker; Cornelis; Jacob, Gerrit, and Ida Stryker [16] 

1685 Feb 22; Christoffel Probasco, Ida Stryker; Abraham; Joris Hansz Bergen, Joris Abrahams, Annetje Barends [16] 

1682 Jul 09; Stoffel Probasco, Ida Strykers; Jacob; Jacob Striker, Cornelis Berrien, Swaantje Stryker [16] 
1695 Oct 30; Stoffel Probasco, Ida Stryckers; Jurrien; Joris Abrahams, Tryntie [16]