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Here are bits & pieces of genealogical information gleaned from various letters and other sources dealing with several other families.

My use of initials is not consistant.  This still needs a little work.
CVSW - Caroline VanSinderen Wyckoff - my Grandmother who married JLB (John Lott Bergen)
EEDB - Elizabeth E. DeBevoise - her Mother who married Abraham A. Wyckoff
Rather than just reading all this online, here you can download
a compressed version:
Great Grandfather Lott, Grandma Stockholm's Father
Jacobus Lott was born 4/2/1771
Jane Titus was born 5/7/1775, Grandma Stockholm's Mother
Children of Jacobus & Jane:
  Charles Lott born 11/11/1806
  Ann Lott (Grandma Stockholm) born 10/12/1808
  Sarah Lott (Charlie Brower's Mother) born 2/1/1811
  Catherine & Jane Lott (twins) born 6/7/1814
  Simon Lott born 12/25/1816
  Jacobus Lott (Ritie Heyse's Father) born 2/23/1819
  Francis Lott born 2/21/1822
  Aaron Lott born 4/12/1828
Jacobus Lott married Jane Titus 2/16/1804
Andrew Stockholm married Ann Lott 11/26/1828
Charles Lott (Grandma's brother) married Helen Rider 1/27/1829
Silvester W. Brower married Sarah Lott 12/5/1832
John Titus married Catherine Lott 5/27/1834
Francis Lott married Amelia VanAllen 8/23/1841
James (Jacobus) Lott married Augusta Rogers 8/8/1842
James (Jacobus) Lott married Catherine M. Gulick 7/3/1856
Simon Lott married Jane Walters 11/6/1856
Aaron Lott married Cinthy Lott 6/16/1858
Simon Lott (Father of Jacobus Lott) died 12/1/1807, 65 yrs. 9 mo. 4 dys.
Anna Lott (Mother of Jacobus Lott) died 8/24/1832, 79 yrs. 5 mo. 22 dys.
Jacobus Lott (Grandma Stockholm's Father) died 9/8/1831, 60 yrs. 5 mo. 6 dys.
Jane (Titus) Lott died 4/20/1843 57 yrs. 11 mo. 13 dys.
Jane Lott (daughter of Jacobus & Jane) died 4/16/1834, 19 yrs. 11 mo. 18 dys
Alletta Jane Lott (daughter of Charles & Helen) died 9/22/1833, 1 yr. 2 mo. 8 dys.
Cornelia VanSinderen, widow of Douwe Stoothof died August 14th 1832 aged 57 years and 8 months
Johannes J. Lott died July 24th 1812 aged 37 years 4 months 24 days
Elizabeth VanSinderen, wife of Johannes J. Lott died October 22nd 1818 aged 39 years 18 months 4 days
George, son of Johannes J. Lott and Elizabeth VS died September 17, 1810 aged 6 years 7 months
Adrian, son of Johannes J. Lott and Elizabeth VS died June 7, 1809 aged 2 years 18 months 17 days
Magdalin, daughter of Johannes J. Lott and Elizabeth VS died March 2, 1828 aged 19 years 11 months 5 days
Abraham Jones, son of Matthew Jones and Ida Williamson died March 16, 1841 aged 36 years
Williamson Wyckoff was born October 19, 1821
John Wyckoff died June 9, 1870
Peter G. Wyckoff died May 28, 1874 aged 41 years 1 month 11 days
Jane VanSinderen, widow of John C. Lott died February 19, 1868
Peter G. Wyckoff, son of Garret & Sarah Wyckoff was born April 17, 1833, died May 28, 1874
Mary Francis, daughter of Garret & Sarah Wyckoff was born January 4, 1832, died Nov. 14, 1880
Garret ?. Wyckoff died Jan. 4, 1851 aged 53 years 3 months 24 days
John Wyckoff died Oct. 9, 1825 aged 33 years 6 months 5 days
John ?. Wyckoff died March 3, 1821 aged 15 years 11 months 24 days
Anne Rapelye, wife of Johannis Lott died September 9, 1760 aged 64 years 1 month 3 days
Ulpian VanSinderen born Dec. 25, 1820
Harriet F. Stimson born Oct. 30, 1820
Ulpian VanSinderen to Harriet F. Stimson Dec. 8, 1842
Children of the same Born
Sarah A. Nov. 2, 1843
George M. Nov. 5, 1845
Clara E. Aug. 29, 1848
Josephine Feb. 8, 1851
Hellena July 8, 1857
John July 22, 1860
Harriet VanSinderen May 5, 1862
Sarah A. VanSinderen May 1, 1878
Handwritten note - no date
To John L. Bergen
from Mary M. Prince
849 Flatbush Ave.
Handwritten note - 12/7/1903
Rec'd of Catalina L. Wyckoff $500 on account of 7 lots - 80 feet
on Bergen Ave. - 157 feet on Bergen Court  (87 Bergen Ave., Jamaica)
Handwritten note - 1/14/1891
$5.00 to Maple Grove Cemetery for opening grave no. 4, lot no. 241, Maple Plot,
for remains of Williamson Wyckoff, age 64 yrs. 10 months.
$5.00 for opening grave no. 34, lot no. 58, South Border Plot, for removing remains of
Williamson Wyckoff.
(Catalina L. Wyckoff had her husband disinterred and re-buried in a large plot she purchased)
Letter - 8/16/1897
'Cousin Charlie D. is a little better but now Nealie is sick, so they had to
get another nurse to take care of her. So now they have two trained nurses
& two girls & Phebe's Mother' ... 'All the Linington family have gone
to Liberty. Uncle Wyck & Lucretia Annie & husband & they took Carrie
with them.' ... 'Addie Hendrickson's Grandma has had a paralytic stroke.'
Letter - 6/23/1906
To C.V.S.W. from Ritie staying at Aunt Neal's; mentions Aunt Rite;
says only sixteen people at Ritie Rapalje's wedding.
420 Hillside Ave., Jamaica
Letter - 6/28/1904
To C.V.S.W. from Walter S. Rapelje, 957 Liberty Ave, Brooklyn, NY
apologizing for 'ungentlemanly behavior' last Sat.  copy of her
reply to think nothing of it, she had a very pleasant evening.
Letter - 1/5/1905
To C.V.S.W. from Elmira V.B. (Mrs. Francis H) Waite, Oradell, NJ
mentions daughter, Helen, two yrs old.
Letter 1/9/1911
To C.V.S.W. Bergen & Cousin Lizzie from Grace Ellis, in new home,
East Sandwich, Mass.
Letter 7/5/1911
To Cousin Louise from Grace Ellis, East Sandwich, Mass.
Husband George, son Edward(2? yr. old), baby Louise Augusta,
'Louise is Mama's second name'.  Signed Grace.
Sympathy thank-you - 5/19/1911
To Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Bergen from Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Rapelje
Sympathy thank-you - 11/16/1912
To Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Wyckoff from Mr. Abraham J. DeBevoise & family.
Note - 5/10/1907
'I give to my son John L. Bergen the old clock which was Uncle
Abraham and Aunt Anne Terhune's.  Anna Bergen
Postcard 2/26/1917
To Elizabeth E. Wyckoff - condolence card from Cousin Susie E. Halstead.
Letter - 12/9/1907
C.V.S.W. to J.L.B.
mentions Cousin Jennie Duryea.
Elderts all going to Elenor Jones' wedding next week,
1,000 invitations, going to Texas to live.
Letter - 3/26/1909
C.V.S.W. to J.L.B.
Ma going to Providence, R.I. for funeral, meeting Auntie.
Letter - 6/25/1906
C.V.S.W. to J.L.B.
High School on Hillside, graduating - Mabel Ryerson, Cornelia Eldert,
Sarah Vanderveer, also Anna Suydam at Woodhaven
NOTE 3/13/1909
To C.V.S.W. from Jennie VanWyck Rapelje, 976 Belmont Ave, Brooklyn.
Thank you for berry spoon, hope you will be at our wedding.
(she married Teunis Bergen, brother of John L. Bergen)
LETTER 8/4/1908
To C.V.S.W. from Ritie B. Jackson, 420 Hillside Ave.
'had long ride with Gus DeBevoise', 'was out in Fred Wyckoff's
LETTER 2/23/1907
To C.V.S.W. from Cousin Gertrude Hegeman Dunleavy, 102 Barbey St.
Mentions Father in Florida, Mother, John and Al.
Letter - 8/13/1906
To J.L.B. from C.V.S.W. - mentions Jake Ryerson's brother was at
Church with Maud Stockholm
Letter - 8/23/1906
To C.V.S.W. from J.L.B. in Great Barrington, Mass.  Sent letter
to Marion Lott in Stamford - going to So. Egremont 4 miles away
to see Georgie Suydam who married Frank James.
Letter - 3/8/1906
To C.V.S.W. from J.L.B. 'John Vanderveer from Flatbush was down
today.  I told him I was going to see him & Josie tonight but
he said Josie & the folks are away, so will go and see Jerome
Lott and his kids.  don't tell Marion I called her a kid, as
I haven't my life insured.'
Letter - 3/1/1907
To C.V.S.W. from J.L.B. 'Have heard from your U. John's threats.
Rec'd a note from J. C. VanSiclen, asking me to call on him on
important business to me.  Went to see him Thursday morning at
his office in N.Y.  He beat around the bush quite a while
before he said what he wanted.  As my answers were not satisfactory
to his side, I don't think he will dare call me as a witness.'
Letter - 3/12/1907
To C.V.S.W. from J.L.B. 'Jake Ryerson is engaged to Lillian Hunt.'
Letter - 3/28/1907
To C.V.S.W. from J.L.B. 'Marion's A. Sarah is staying with them.'
Letter - 9/15/1910
To J.L.B. from Mother
Jennie had a baby boy.
Letter - 12/2/1908
C.V.S.W. to J.L.B.
She and Mother visited Cousin Katie Ditmas at Garden City Hotel.
Card - 11/10/1908
To J.L.B. from Grace Ashley Collison, Huntington, L.I. - thanking
him for handsome spoon - mentions Cousin Louise.
Letter - 2/26/1921
To J.L.B. from Charles William Roeder, Pastor of Protestant
Dutch Reformed Church of Flatlands, Kouwenhoven Pl. & E. 40th
St. granting letter to Jamaica Church.
Letter 8/19/1896
To C.V.S.W. from E.E.W. mention George Palmer going to U. Ulp's.
A. Phebe has rec'd 100 letters since Henry's death.
Letter - 5/10/1908
to C.V.S.W. from Marion Craft, Altoona, Iowa. 'Charlotte writes
me how sad it is to see the Old Homestead going to ruin...
your poor Uncle took so much pride in that place... have
regretted so many times ever leaving Brooklyn'
Letter 10/22/1907
To C.V.S.W. from Gertrude S. VanSiclen, 568 Jamaica Ave., Brooklyn
'linen shower for Ida Vanderveer Downing at Carries(?) Nostrand's'
SSN - CVSW or Etta Paxton - 112-34-3342  -  11-1919588 H
Sympathy card - 1917
To Lizzie - From Cousin Harriet E. Stockholm, Hollis
Letter 8/17/1896
To CVSW from EEDB - 'Papa was to A. Phebe's today.  She is going
to Vermont, where Henry's wife is.  They have a cottage there.'
'Gertie Stockholm is in Vermont with Addie Hendrickson & family'
Letter 8/9/1896
To CVSW from EEDB - 'Grandma D. gave me the paper with Henry W.
funeral in, will send to Grandma... Henry Woodruff's wife has
gone back to Vermont, she left her baby out there.'  'Bertha
Chapman's Grandma is dead.  Mrs. Morrell, the funeral is tomorrow
aft. 2 o'clk.'  'Do you write to Annie DBV?'  
'Home from the funeral - Cousin Phebe Pierson isn't very well, going
to the Thousand Islands.'
Letter 8/12/1897
To CVSW from EEDBV - "I went to the funeral of Mrs. Sarah Durland,
they found her dead in bed, very sudden, it was a large funeral.'
'I will send todays paper with account of the death of Mr. Squires
and grandchild of Newtown.  Jennie Duryea said today that Cousin
Charlie is no better, his throat is sore now.  I saw in last
night's paper that James Vanderveer had bought Cousin Frank
Lotts farm for $22,000.  ...  I went to see Cousin Neil D.
Anna's Mother ... Anna is staying with Nealie Rapelye... Bessie
Lott's Aunt Libbie is quite sick with paralysis of the throat.'
Letter 8/14/1904
To CVSW from Gertrude S. VanSiclen @ Pine Grove House, Palenville,
Greene Co., NY.  '... a host of people from Jamaica here, George
& Estelle Watts & Cornelia Lott from Newtown, Mr. & Mrs. Wyckoff
& LeRoy Wyckoff & Pecks, Nostrands, Mr. & Mrs. James VanSiclen,
James & Bert VanSiclen & many more... heard Uncle Abe was dead,
funeral is tomorrow, he was in eightieth year... my sister and
Marion have not felt very well...'
Letter 8/11/1908
To CVSW from Gertrude S. VanSiclen @ Pine Grove House, Palenville,
mentions Aunt Sarah and Charlotte being sick.
Letter 10/2/1908
To CVSW from JLB - 'got my teeth Thursday evening, they feel
very funny, can eat quite good with them... Marion's (Lott)
folks moved yesterday.'
Letter 8/16/1909
To CVSW from JLB - '... Sam & Ritie Ryder were here... a young
lady came over yesterday morning and invited me to a game of
croquet as it was her twelfth birthday.'  (Marion Lott??)
Letter 7/3/1964
To CVSW from Sadie Mott, 10 Holden Pl., Forest Hills, NY
Letter 8/9/1964
To CVSW from May E. Rider, 89-20 163rd St. Jamaica, NY
Letter 8/26/1896
To CVSW from EEDBV - Cousin Lizzie Tompkins & her Mother called
at Grandpa's yesterday.  They drove down to see Grandma.  Recieved
an invitation to Marnard Kissam's wedding of Queens, at St George's
Church, Hempstead, Sept 9.
Letter 10/14/1901 - from Long Island City
To EEDBV from Neil - 'Next week Ella DeBevoise, Will's cousin in
Brooklyn gets married. Her sister Jennie died two years ago, now
Ella is going to marry Jennie's husband. Kinder funny is'nt it.
Anna Lott is to be one of the brides-maids.  We are all invited.
Anna is having the waist of her graduating dress fixed over to wear.
That will be on the eve of the 23rd.'
Letter 7/9/1901 - from Long Island City
To EEDBV from Neil - 'Thursday is Libbie Cutter's birthday... Ferd
& Neil Wyckoff & baby & Kitty Linington & baby are going to Palenville
next week... Friday, Cornelia Lott & Libbie Cutter are coming here
to spend the day and divide some of Grandma's things.'  mentions
daughter Anna.
Card 12/26/1911
Mrs. David Springsteen and family acknowledge with deep appreciation
and gratitude your kind expression of sympathy.  Hoffman Boulevard,
Forest Hills, Long Island
Navy Department - 7/11/1896
Naval orders to Edwin H. DeLany, Assistant Engineer, to proceed
to San Francisco, then on mail steamer to Yokohama, Japan to report
for duty on U.S. Flagship OLYMPIA.
Program - 4/12/1849
Order of exercises at the Public Exhibition of Erasmus Hall Academy.
List of speakers: J. VanDeventer, J. H. Sutphen, A. H. W. VanSiclen,
W. E. Murphy, A. S. Campbell, J. S. Wyckoff, N. L. M. Bennett,
J. S. Lott, L. L. Laidlaw, J. Kane Smyth, J. L. Zabriskie,
A. V. B. Voorhees, G. W. Bacon, C. W. Church, J. I. Labagh,
P. I. Neefus, G. W. Sherwood.
New Years card - 1881
William E. Duryee & Charles E. Lott
New Years card - no date
A. E. Howard & Wm. C. Card
Funeral Card - 8/24/1887
Mary Elizabeth Lott died 8/24/1887 aged 33 years 5 mos 5 days.
(wife of John C. Lott??)
Sympathy card - 3/29/1917
To E. E. Wyckoff from friend, Julia R. Vanderveer, recently widowed,
married around same time.  507 West Main St., Patchogue, L.I.
Thank you note - 11/16/1921
To E. E. Wyckoff from Florence C. DeBevoise & husband Elmer, Hollis, L.I.
Letter - 4/18/1924
To C.V.S.W. Bergen from Elizabeth Webb Woodruff about Arthur's
funeral expenses not being paid by his mother's estate.
Pew rental contract - 11/1/1879
To Charles J. DeBevoise for $300 Pew #82 First Reformed Church of Jamaica.
Attached cards
Annie D. DeBevoise & Ditmars Eldert
Postcard - 3/7/1887
To Catalina Wyckoff from cousin Maggie Tompkins, that Janetta Lott
is visiting in Brooklyn.
Handwritten note
Johannes Lott died April 8, 1775 aged 82 years 10 months 17 days.
Summons - 8/27/1824
To Hotso VanSinderen, Isaac Staats and John L. Staats to answer
Bill of Complaint by Tobias VanSchaick and others. Court of Chancery.
From court summons: 10/3/1958
Kings Co.
  Cornelius C. Lott d. 8/24/1944
  Walter R. Lott d. 2/25/1958
  Bernard V. Lott d. 8/3/1949
Onondaga Co.
  Ruth F. Dixon d. 7/27/1952
Union Co., NJ
  VanWyck Lott d. 4/24/1946
  Florence E. Lott d. 7/23/1948
Notes from CVSW diary - 1907
  July 29 Sarah Rapalje VanSiclen has a son, little girl 15 months, the 17th
  Adele Johnson Storms has a son
  Oct. Will Voris has a son, Stephen, name of oldest son since came
    from Holland
  Sept. 15 Will Burtis engaged to Grace Corwin
  Oct. 4 Fri. Mr. & Mrs. John H. Eldert celebrated silver anniversary
  Oct. 9 Wed. Miss Bartow married to Mr. Nash of Flushing
  Miss Irene Baylis married to widower
  Oct. 10 Thurs. Ida Vanderveer married to George Downing at home
  Oct. 9 Miss Diack married to Frank Hegeman in Flatlands church
  Oct. 17 Fannie Baker married to Mr. Baylis
  Oct. 23 Wed. Neilie DeBevoise married at home
    (Cornelia Elizabeth DeBevoise to William Remsen Lott)
  Oct. 23 Lillian May Hunt married to Jacob Ryerson, Flatbush
  Oct. 23 Lillian Halstead to Mr. Sweet, widower, 2 daughters, at home
  Oct. 2 Wed. Charlie Bergen gave Bertha Bergen, engagement ring,
    going since Xmas
  Oct. 14 Mon. Maud Stockholm buried, Cypress Hills
  Oct. 22 Tues. Mrs. Spader buried, Mrs. Allen - Dr. Hull's Aunt buried,
    Mrs. DeGraw
LETTER Sat. 5/28/1898
To Catalina Wyckoff 22 Canal St., Jamaica from Cousin Elise 1326 L St. N.W.,
Washington, D.C.
'Grandpa Lawrence lived to be 84 in 85 and Grandma was 88.  The old
Homestead belonged to Grandma's father, there she was born and during
a short time lived at Newtown, then Grandpa bought the farm and
they both spent the remainder of their lives there, my Father
purchased 60 acres of it and there my ??? Mother passed the remainder
of her life... I shall not be 92 until the 16th of July.'
LETTER 8/21/1898
To EEW 22 Canal St., Jamaica from Mary E. Martin 1326 L St. N.W.,
Washington, D.C.
'Cousin Eliza is failing very slowly... you have been a good cousin'
LETTER 4/25/1899
To EEW from Mary E. Martin 1326 L St. N.W., Washington, D.C.
'I have come across some likenesses sent to Cousin E. after
Charlie Lott and his Aunt died.... I will express them to you.'
'Cousin Eliza had a very sick attack... but she has rallied..'
LETTER 6/8/1900
To EEW from Marion Craft, 106 Remsen St. (staying with Phebe Woodruff)
Was to leave for Iowa, but fell down stairs and received serious
injuries. 'Am very anxious to get to my journey's end if it is only
to die.'  'Hope you are none the worse for your being so taxed in
getting away from New Lots.'
LETTER 7/3 Wed. Morn
From EEW to CVSW
Auntie has new address 'as there is no more Hansen Pl. is now
138-07 90th Ave.'
NOTE 12/2/1925
To CVSW from Lillian D. Poling (Mrs. D.A.) 435 Ave. NYC
SYMPATHY - 3/14/1936 - to CVSW
Two cards: Mr. Walter Suydam Rapelje
Mrs. Walter Suydam Rapelje (Gertrude)  8849 Boulevard, Hollis Park Gardens
SYMPATHY - 3/16/1936 - to CVSW
From Anna Carpenter 87-12 165th St., Jamaica.  Husband Al E. Carpenter
SYMPATHY - 3/16/1936 - to CVSW
From Dorothy 61 Willow St., Garden City, NY.  Husband Az
 (Azariah Springsteen?)
NOTE - handwritten by CVSW
Frank E. Griffin 12/1/1881
Laura Ledger Constable 2/23/1881
Gertrude VanSiclen
May B. Hunting 8/28/1881
Sarah A. Griffin 9/9/1883
Willetta H. Lewis 11/22/1883
Susan M. Cagwin 5/7
Maria B. Jackson 8/18/1884
Grace Downing
Emma Webb
John Powell 8/17
Emily Williamson
Will Burtis
Caroline Wyckoff 10/25/1882
Margaret Creavy(?)
Mabel King
May Sly 9/6/1882
Charles Lott 1879
May E. Ryder 8/6/1884
NOTE - handwritten by CVSW
Abraham A. Wyckoff      11
Elizabeth E. "          6/1/1854
Mrs. Catalina L. "      8/8
  Caroline V.S.  "      10/25/1882
Mrs. Elouise Brower     4/21/1861
Mr. Charles F.  "       12/8/1838
Mrs. Sarah W. Blair     1/25/1859
Mr. Irving J.  "        9/3
Mrs. Phebe J. Woodruff
  Arthur V.S.  "
  Franklin     "
Mrs. Maria Palmer
Dr.          "
  George Howard  "
  Annie          "
Mrs. Phebe Pierson
Mrs. Stella Palmer
Mrs. Annie Suydam        8/10/1856
Mr. John T.  "
  Warren     "
  Sarah      "           Jan.
  Jennie     "           10/22/1882
  John       "
  David      "
  Charles    "
  Anna       "
  Edna       "
  Lloyd      "
Mr. James DeBevoise      2/12/1869
Mrs. Ida      "
  Merrill     "
  Earl        "
  Turley      "
Mrs. Jane A. DeBevoise   12/7/1830
Mr. Charles J.   "       8/9/1829
Mrs. Annie Hulst
  Edna      "
  Viola     "
  Frank     "
Florence Estelle DeBevoise  1/19/1867