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Here are the scanned images of a small volume published in 1898, titled on the cover "The Bergen Family", compiled by Margaret Hubbard Bergen.  This follows the line of Michael Hans Bergen and contains many anecdotal notes on the Bergen and related families, especially Hubbard and Vanderveer.

This is an email sent to me by Jerry Vandiver concerning this book.

"Jerry Vandiver <>
Thanks! Nice addition. I would caution anyone
interested in the Vanderveer family, however, not to
take any of this as gospel. The Coat of Arms,
assumptions concerning European Origins, even half the
make up of the first three generations is incorrect.
Anyone wanting more accurate information should go to
Steve Vandiver's website at or to mine at - he and I disagree on one point, but
our presentations are far more accurate than the
Bergen, de Boer or John J. Vanderveer publications."


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